Intestinal Parasites

There are lots of parasites that live on our intestine and most of them are harmless. The parasites develop by eating uncooked food or by taking bad water. They multiply on feeding on our foods and survive for long causing damage to the intestinal linings. The main problem with intestinal parasites is they keep on taking our food and nutrients are not fully absorbed by our system. You may put on weight due to craving for more food.

The symptoms for the presence of intestinal parasites are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, rashes on the vulva and gas formation. Some people will have craving for food all the time. It also adds more work for the kidneys and liver making you tired and weak in the long run. For some cases, there may be worm in the stool, indicating parasites in the intestine.

Parasites are caused due to poor hygiene, lowered immune system, poor sanitation, traveling frequently, exposure to AIDS and living in the area prone to parasites.

Medical treatment can be given based on the condition of the patient and symptoms. For some it is enough to take one or two dosage of medicines and for others the doctor will ask to continue the drugs for several weeks. Follow clean habits after using toilets and wash your hands thoroughly before eating.

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Intestinal Parasites Intestinal Parasites Intestinal Parasites Intestinal Parasites Intestinal Parasites

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