Intestinal Blockage

Any obstruction in the path of the intestine or colon which prevents the food particles to pass through it, is called intestinal blockage. There are many factors that produces block in the path of the intestine. It would not allow the free flow of food particles and hence may cause pain in abdomen and also swelling.

Symptoms :

Moderate to severe abdominal pain is felt if there is any block in the intestine. The pain will not be permanent but it is frequently felt. The entire abdominal area may develop inflammation (distention) due to accumulation of food substances. There may be vomiting, nausea and dizziness. For some people, it exhibits in the form of diarrhea and irritant bowel movements.

Causes :

There are several factors that causes intestinal blockage. There can be mechanical obstruction of the pathway due to the development of tumor or hernia. A group of fibrous tissue joins together in the cavity to block the path causing obstruction (intestinal adhesion). Sometimes, intestine may not be able to function properly due to underlying disease. (Paralytic Ileus) This condition can be caused due to surgery in the pelvic area, abdomen and muscle disorder. Crohn’s disease or inflammation in the bowel path can cause block in the intestine. It can be due to telescoping of the intestine or twisting of intestine. The colon may get constricted or narrowed due to inflammation.

Diagnoses :

Your doctor would physically examine your body looking for the above symptoms. He might also perform imaging tests to find out the exact cause of obstruction.

Pictures of Intestinal Blockage :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Intestinal Blockage

Intestinal Blockage Intestinal Blockage Intestinal Blockage Intestinal Blockage Intestinal Blockage Intestinal Blockage
Treatment :

Depending on the underlying cause and health condition of the patient, treatment is made. It may require hospitalization many times. First you would be put on intravenous fluids, followed by insertion of nasogastric tube into the nose for sucking air and getting out the fluid inside. Sometimes, a catheter is inserted in the bladder for draining the urine and other fecal particles.

In case if the block is due to mechanical obstruction, then you have to stay on low fiber diet for preventing further blockage. If it does not respond to any medical treatment, then surgery may be done to clear the path. For people who suffer from paralytic ileus, they may be asked to extend their stay in the hospital for getting treated.

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