Infected Nose Piercing – Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies, Treatment

Next to ears, nose piercing has become very popular in many countries of the world. Nose piercing does not always cause any infection. In rare instances it may lead to formation of bumps or abscess. It may look as raised red bump which would develop typically after few days of piercing. If left untreated it can cause scarring of tissue. You need to check with your GP without any delay.

Causes :

The task of nose piercing is easy when compared with other body parts. The piercer would stick a needle gently through the cartilage of the nose. The entire procedure would take less than two minutes. Since the nose area is made of soft tissues the bumps (if formed) may take long time for healing. The major cause of nose piercing infection is touching the nose frequently with dirty fingers. Another cause is attributed to piercing done in unhygienic atmosphere and not using sterilized needle.

Symptoms :

Infection on nose piercing can cause signs like tenderness on the nose, pain, excessive redness on the nose and discomfort. For some people there can be prolonged bleeding. If the piercing is rejected it can cause bumps or keloids on the nose on which bacteria can grow freely. In severe cases yellowish liquid would get discharged from the nose with foul smell.

Useful Tips :

  • Avoid touching the jewelry on the nose frequently since it considerably increases the chance of getting infection.
  • Keep your hands clean while removing the jewelry from the nose during night.
  • Use antibacterial soap for few days after piercing.
  • If there is pain, you can apply warm compress over the area using soft towel.
  • Opt for decent metal for jewelry and never go for free ones. You can choose silver, stainless steel, gold or titanium.
  • Don’t change the jewelry on nose piercing before the area heals completely.
  • Once you are sure that the thing is healed fully you can remove the jewelry during night.

Home Remedies :

You can try many of the home remedies given below for treating mild pain or discomfort after nose piercing. You can consider going to doctor if there is no response for any of the below remedies. Over the counter antibiotic creams and hydrocortisone creams can be applied on the nose piercing infection for getting quick relief from symptoms.

  • Saline Water :

Saline water is nothing but plain water mixed with 2 tsp of sea salt. Salt is an effective antiseptic for treating bacteria. You can dip soft cotton ball on this solution and place it for few minutes on the nose. Allow time for the solution to soak in. You can repeat this process 3-4 times a day. This simple home remedy can prevent bump formation on the site of piercing. You can use warm saline water if you have swelling.

  • Tea Bags :

Dip the tea bag in lukewarm water and place it on your nose for few minutes. It feels great on the piercing site to reduce tenderness and swelling. Even you can use this remedy for clearing off the bumps from the nose.

  • Tea Tree Oil :

Dip a cotton piece on tea tree oil and keep it on your nose. Tea oil is an excellent remedy for destroying any germs that accidentally develops on the piercing site.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Infected Nose Piercing :

Infected Nose Piercing Infected Nose Piercing Infected Nose Piercing Infected Nose Piercing Infected Nose Piercing

Medical Treatment :

You can always consult your doctor if you feel pain has not reduced on the piercing site. Cartilage piercing can cause more bleeding than septal piercing. In severe cases it can cause perichondritis or necrosis. Based on the intensity of symptoms and growth of bumps your doctor would prescribe suitable antibiotics like Mupirocin for treating Staph bacteria. He may also recommend fluoroquinolones which can totally destroy Pseudomonas organisms that dwell on your nose. In very rare cases nasal jewelry can be aspirated accidentally. This is an emergency and checked with your doctor. If the jewelry gets embedded inside surgery is to be done for removing it.

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