Infected Belly Button Piercing

When a piece of jewelry is placed on your belly, it moves back and forth and rubs against your clothes. Very often, the belly piercing gets infected, when touching it with fingers. You may unknowingly, touch it with dirty fingers. Sometimes, when you are bathing in bathtubs, the water may accumulate on the jewelry and piercing area which give rise to bacterial growth.

Make it a point to cover the belly piercing with waterproof bandage before you take bath or swim.

Being the dark and moist area, belly button is the ideal place for the growth of microorganisms.

Symptoms :

The belly piercing area is infected if it turns red and swollen. For some people, there may be pus like liquid discharge with foul smell from the belly. The area will be hot to touch and it may ooze green or yellowish pus. It is a clear sign of infection and it is time for you to take treatment.

There may be redness, swelling, itching with pain for some people. The more the infection is, the more will be the discharge. If left untreated, there is every possibility for developing navel infection or abscess.

The first sign of infection is the redness, warmth and pain in the belly.

Treatment :

Antibiotic is the best remedy for treating belly piercing infection. You can consult your doctor instead of using over the counter medicines for treating such infection.

The more you delay, the more will be the infection. When you can feel warm in the area with pus like discharge, you have to treat it immediately.

Next you need to check, if you are wearing the right size of jewelry. In case it is very tight, then you have more chance for infection. Make sure that you are doing piercing from trained professional who use sterile equipments for piercing.

If you don’t have greenish or yellow discharge from the belly button, then you can very well remove the jewelry and give space for the belly to heal on its own. For many people, it is the wrong jewelry that causes trouble.

You can wash away the infected area with saline water or tea tree oil. Some people use vinegar for treating the infection. After washing, give time for drying before you apply water based lotion for healing.

Apply antiseptic cream for treating fungal or bacterial infection. You can use hot compresses on it for getting relief from pain.

Pictures of Infected Belly Button Piercing :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Infected Belly Button Piercing

Infected Belly Button Piercing Infected Belly Button Piercing Infected Belly Button Piercing Infected Belly Button Piercing Infected Belly Button Piercing Infected Belly Button Piercing Infected Belly Button Piercing

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