The hydrocele is a fluid like sack found in the scrotum of men. It is very often found in infants. Generally hydrocele will fade away within a few months of birth but sometimes it can occur with inguinal hernia.

The exact cause is not known. It can be caused by blockage of blood or fluid in the spermatic cord. Any injury to the testicle can cause this condition.

The main symptoms are swollen testicle, bulging with fluid. Usually it is painless and it can occur on both sides of scrotum.

Treatment is not required for hydrocele since it is not dangerous. But it may cause discomfort while walking and for some men it may be painful. In case of inguinal hernia, surgery is done for removing the fluids from the sacs. The surgery done for hydrocele is called as hydrocelectomy.

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Hydrocele Hydrocele Hydrocele Hydrocele Hydrocele

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