Know How To Cure Hiccups With Simple Home Remedies

Hiccups are involuntary action caused by squeezing of diaphragm. Sound of a hiccup is produced when the glottis gets suddenly shut down when excess of air is sent quickly into the lungs. This produces a sound known as hiccups. Very often hiccups occur when you eat quickly or in a hurry. Hiccups need no additional treatment since it would stop after few minutes. If you are having hiccups continuously lasting for a day or two, you may need medical treatment.

Hiccups can be triggered when you get emotionally excited suddenly, when your stomach stretches beyond its limit, and when you are drinking very hot or very cold drinks. And you have to relax the muscles of the diaphragm and related nerves to stop hiccups.

home remedies for hiccups

Let us know how to cure hiccups by home remedies.

  1. Water – Drink a cup of water slowly. This will give action for your throat muscles arresting the hiccups
  2. Sugar – Take a tsp of sugar and place it in your mouth. Do not attempt to chew or swallow it. Let the sugar crystals melt slowly with saliva. This remedy is beneficial for toddlers who cannot try other remedies.
  3. Yoghurt – Add a tsp of salt in a small cup of yoghurt. Mix it thoroughly until it dissolves. Now eat this slowly, which can help in stopping the hiccups.
  4. Gargling Water – Gargling plain water is an excellent remedy for arresting hiccups. The throat muscles become responsive when you start gargling water which in turn calms down the nerves. This can stop the hiccups.
  5. Cardamom Water – Take a cup of water and add freshly powdered green cardamom in it. Boil this water for few minutes and allow it to get warm. Drink this liquid slowly which helps in relaxing the diaphragm muscles.
  6. Take A Deep Breath – This is very simple yet effective remedy for stopping hiccups. Take a deep breath and hold on your nostrils (both) for few seconds or as long as you can. Repeat this several times until the hiccups are gone. This can disturb the inward and outward flow of air thus stopping the hiccups. Excess of carbon dioxide gets buildup in your lungs which in turn relax the diaphragm reducing hiccups.
  7. Pepper Powder – Crush some fresh pieces of pepper using a mortar. Heat one tsp of ghee in a pan and add crushed pepper into this. Now eat this mixture slowly when it gets warm.
  8. Tongue Exercise – This easy remedy is practiced by many singers. Stick out the tongue which in turn enlarges the opening gap in the glottis. This can relieve the spasms of the diaphragm stopping the hiccups.
  9. Press The Ear Lobes – Gently apply pressure on the ear lobes with your fingers. This can cause pressure on the nerve aiding in releasing the pressure from the glottis region. Cover your ear with your palm and drink water slowly.
  10. Ginger or Lemon – Cut fresh piece of ginger or lemon and place it on your tongue. Sudden souring taste can help in reducing the hiccups.
  11. Relaxation Exercise – Lie down on the bed or flat mat with your stomach pressing down. Now take a deep breath and hold it for few seconds and release the gas slowly. Repeat this easy exercise until the hiccups gradually wanes and stops.

home remedies for hiccups

Tips To Prevent Hiccups :

  • Don’t eat fast. Always take time to chew the food and eat. You may unknowingly swallow more air when you eat with open mouth. So make it a habit to close the mouth and eat.
  • If your baby or toddler has hiccups you need to hold him/her on your shoulder and continue patting on his back gently. The same technique can be used for burping also. This can gradually reduce the hiccups.

Medications :

If the hiccups persist in spite of trying home remedies, you can consult your doctor. Over the counter medications like chloropromazine or Haldol or Reglan can arrest the hiccups.

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