Home Remedies For Bruises

Bruise is a kind of skin injury that almost everyone would have experienced at some point in their life. It causes discoloration of skin and to some extent damages the blood cells. Blood leaked out from the blood vessel collects below the skin layer causing blackened skin or blue coloration of the skin. Bruise can occur commonly when people bump into something accidentally. Sports persons are at high risk of developing bruises.

Bruise occurs sometimes due to unexplained reason also. It may occur on your things or other places when object gets bumped into the body. In some cases bruises happen due to bleeding disorder showing symptoms of frequent bleeding of gums and even nosebleeds. People tend to forget the injury in due course and the bruise remains in the skin causing discoloration. There is no medical treatment for bruise except using pain relievers for time being. Bruise can cause symptoms like reddening of the skin which turns into bluish black color or dark purple color or greenish yellow color after healing. Bruised area can be tender to touch and cause pain for few days. It takes anywhere from 8-15 days for healing of bruise.

Plenty of home remedies are available for reducing the pain caused by bruise and for speeding up the process of healing.

1. Ice Cubes

Take some pieces of ice cubes in a soft towel and apply it on the affected area. This should be done immediately after getting a bruise since ice-packs are effective in controlling blood leakage. Athletes would often have them ready in the form of flexible ice packs with specially designed manner for treating injury or bruise. You can leave the ice pack for 10 minutes on the bruised skin and repeat this remedy again after a while.

In case if you don’t have the ice-cubes with you, you can use cold water remedy. Keep a cloth soaked in cold water on the affected area for few minutes. If nothing is available you can use a pack of frozen vegetables that gives the necessary chillness. By repeating this simple home remedy you can prevent discoloration of the skin since you are preventing blood leak.

2. Elastic Bandage

After having a bruise promptly wrap an elastic bandage over the bruised part. By tightening the area below the bruised part you are indirectly preventing more blood leakage. It would reduce the pain and prevent discoloration of the skin.


3. Elevating The Area

Blood leakage can be stopped easily by keeping the bruised area elevated. For instance if you have bruised your arm try to keep it in higher level than your heart while resting. You can sit on a chair but keep your affected leg popped up in pillows. By keeping the affected area elevated, you can reduce blood leakage from the capillaries.

4. Warm Compress

Sometimes you can use warm compress on the bruised area. A large (wide) bottle of hot water will serve the purpose. Heating pad can also be used to improve blood circulation. But don’t overdo the task else you may burn the skin. Read the instructions given in the heating pad before using it. You can keep the hot pad or warm compress over the bruised skin. People using hot water bottle can add little vinegar solution which can trigger blood supply near the skin.

5. Herbal Therapy

Several herbs are effective in healing the wound caused by bruise. Arnica herb has the property of reducing inflammation and is ideal for treating bruises. You can get arnica in the form of gel or ointment. Arnica can also be obtained in the form of homeopathic pills and you can take 2-3 pills a day immediately after bruise. Parsley leaves can provide quick remedy for bruises. All you have to do is crush few leaves of parsley and apply the juice directly on the bruised area. Similarly you can use St. John’s wort oil for treating bruise which can arrest blood leakage.

6. Cream

Over the counter ointment or cream that contains Vitamin K is very effective for reducing inflammation in the bruises.


7. Painkillers

Get quick relief with ibuprofen or aspirin or acetaminophen promptly after a bruise and you will not feel the pain.

8. Supplement

People who are getting bruises easily can take vitamin C supplement daily since it strengthens the blood capillaries. Include plenty of citrus fruits, apples and carrots in your diet since they are rich in flavonoids. Leafy green vegetables and broccoli contains vitamin K that helps in quick healing.

Get Medical Help :

Often it is not necessary to get medical help for a bruise since it heals automatically. But if you have the symptoms of pain and inflammation for more than couple of days, it may be a cause of concern. Bruises on the joint can impair your daily activities and you can consult your GP. In rare cases unhealed bruises can be a sign of leukemia or hemophilia.

How To Prevent Bruises?

  • You cannot totally prevent getting bruised, but you can be careful and take preventive measures.
  • People involved in sports activities can wear protective gloves and gear to avoid bruises.
  • Elderly people should have clear walking paths at home since big furniture can cause problems.
  • The floor area should be kept dry to avoid slip.
  • Patients who are using blood thinner medications should consult their doctor regularly to monitor any changes.

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