Healthy Dieting Tips : Diet For Healthy Weight Loss

“Weight loss” is the term that is most sought in the internet in recent times. Obesity has become universal problem and millions of people are facing challenges of chronic illness like diabetes and hypertension due to increased weight. Before knowing about the healthy weight loss diet, you should first understand that there is no single diet solution that fits the needs of all. The diet that works for one person may not work for the other.

Increase in weight occurs due to various factors like genetics, lifestyle and stress in addition to health issues. So, you need to follow trial and error method before finding the right weight loss method that suits you.

Before starting any weight loss program set short term goal like losing 1-2 pounds a week. And make sure that you can follow the weight loss diet without any hesitation. Be determined to complete the course of weight loss diet for specified period for achieving the desired weight loss.

In case you are having any chronic problems like diabetes or heart problems discuss with your doctor before starting any weight-loss regimen since it may interfere with your medications.

Basics Of Weight Loss :

The inflow of calories in a day should be lower than the calories that are burnt by you to lose your weight. This forms the basis of any weight loss diet. You need to spend more calories by exercising and working than your total intake of calories. This results in burning of stored-up calories in fat from your body helping in losing weight. Always measure the calories before putting anything in your mouth, when you are on weight loss diet.

healthy weight loss

  • Cut Down Calorie Intake Gradually

It is true that you can lose weight in the first week of program by reducing the calorie intake and by burning excess of fat. But you may not be able to achieve it in the coming weeks. This is because your metabolism becomes weak after losing water and fat from your body. So for matching the metabolic process, you need to cut down still more calories in the successive weeks to get the desired weight loss.

  • Don’t Eat When You Are Stressed

Most of the time, we eat more than our needs to satisfy the needs of stress which can drastically interfere with the weight loss program. You are not eating for hunger instead you choose to eat more comfortable foods in spite of knowing that it is high in calories. Hence you need to control emotional eating first for losing weight.

  • Avoid Carbohydrate In Your Diet

Carbohydrate poses the biggest threat for any weight loss program. When you eat carb rich food, the metabolism of the body triggers production of insulin to burn excess loads of sugar that enters your body in the form of glucose. But in this process, only the sugar particles get burnt up and not the fat molecules which gets piled up in your body increasing your weight.

Avoid soft drinks and energy shakes since it contains loads of sweeteners and carbs. Replace them with fresh fruit juices or iced tea. Reduce the sugar from your daily diet gradually and not suddenly. While shopping in the grocery store, be selective in buying anything. Clearly read the label and calorie specifications and remember low fat snacks items are not always calorie free. You can add avocados, seeds, nuts and tofu in your daily diets which are rich source of good unsaturated fats.

  • Insulin

The insulin hormone has two major functions. One is to regulate blood glucose levels and the other is to prevent fat cells of the body to release the fat. By this function more and more fat cells are created resulting in ultimate increase of weight.

  • Track Your Progress and Don’t Give Up

Weight loss cannot be achieved overnight. You can easily gain weight but is difficult to lose even one pound. Join a support group to stay motivated and seek help from friends and family. Set up short term goals that are easy to win so that you will be encouraged to reduce more weight in the next term. Reduce stress by practicing meditation and cognitive behavior therapy. Get enough sleep without which weight loss is not possible.

Healthy Weight Loss

Diet Tips For Weight Loss :

There are thousands of weight loss diets on the planet and it is for you to choose the best that suits your lifestyle. Though the path we travel is different, the ultimate destiny we reach would be the same, namely weight loss.

  • Eggs

Eggs are rich in proteins and many essential nutrients. It contains healthy fats that help in reducing bad fats preventing heart attack. Eggs can keep you satisfied and free from hunger for extended hours and hence it is ideal to have two eggs for breakfast.

  • Greens

There are plenty of varieties of leafy greens like spinach, kale, collards etc. You need to include at least one leafy green in your daily diet for getting the essential nutrients required by your body. Greens are ideal for lunch and there is no harm even if you consume them in bulk quantities. They are loaded with fiber and hence prevent you from constipation. Any healthy weight loss diet includes plenty of greens owing to its content of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in fiber content and hence fulfilling in nature. You can eat vegetables as salads or as cooked in medium heat. They are natural foods for healthy weight loss that helps you in achieving the desired goal in short term. They contain proteins, nutrients and antioxidants which are good for health.

  • Lean Meat

Not all the meat contents have bad cholesterol. You can have pieces of lean meat once a week even when you are on healthy weight loss diet. Being rich in protein, lean meat helps you in losing weight properly if taken in right proportion. It can also keep you fulfilled for more hours.

  • Salmon and Tuna

Both these fishes can be included in your weekly diet for healthy weight loss. They are not only rich in protein but also in antioxidants promoting good health.

  • Beans and Legumes

Black beans, kidney beans and any kind of lentils are good for weight loss diet. Again they are good source of protein and fiber that helps in keeping you free from hunger.

  • Dairy Products

Cottage cheese is a natural source of protein and for healthy weight loss you need to increase protein intake. You are losing fats and pounds each day but building muscle mass alternatively. This can be achieved by taking cottage cheese once a week in right proportion.

  • Nuts

Take a handful of nuts each day when you are on healthy weight loss diet. This can form the best alternative for packaged snacks and is rich in fiber and protein. Remember it can make you craving to eat more but stay content with the daily proportion.

  • Whole Grains

Brown rice and oats can be included in your daily diet in limited quantities. Oats are rich in beta glucans and fiber and good for health.

  • Fruits

Fresh fruits and vegetables always promote good health. All kinds of seasonal fruits can be consumed during weight loss diet. Take time to chew them slowly along with saliva.

Additional Tips :

  • As said earlier, measure the calories you eat and do exercises daily.
  • Finish your dinner early (before 6 PM) and spend at least 3 hours before going to bed.
  • To the extent possible, avoid eating in restaurants.
  • Instead of taking 3 big meals eat several meals a day in small proportions.
  • Use smaller plates and serving cups.
  • Don’t go for shopping when you are hungry. Always carry an apple or other fruit in your bag so that you can have a bite when you are craving for foods.
  • Do exercise at least for 30 minutes a day.

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