Gum Cancer – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Pictures

Gum cancer is a type of oral cancer and very often it occurs on the right side of the gums. This type of cancer belongs to skin cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma. Initially it looks like a small bump or lesion with painful blisters on the gum or oral cavity. One cannot definitely say that wrong food habits are alone the cause for gum cancer.

Gum Cancer Causes :

Consuming tobacco in any form, smoking and taking alcohol are some of the causes for oral cancer. Tobacco in the form of pan, betels, cigars, pipes and snuff can cause decay of soft tissues of the skin increasing the risk of cancer. The risk becomes prominent if smokers are in the habit of drinking alcohol. Many types of oral cancer is caused due to alcohol consumption.

Exposure to sun can increase the risk of skin cancer and oral cancer. Family history of oral cancer will also give rise to gum cancer. Person with neck or head cancer are prone to oral cancer in gums. Apart from gums, cancer can also occur in lungs, mouth, larynx and pancreas if the person does not quit smoking and drinking.

Symptoms :

White patches or dark colored patches in and around the mouth is an indication of oral cancer. These patches may turn malignant in many cases. Initially you can see small soft white patches (leukoplakia)on the oral cavity and it gradually turns into red color (erythroplakia). Getting frequent sores in the mouth, bleeding in the mouth, difficulty in eating and drinking and unhealed wounds inside the mouth are some of the common symptoms of gum cancer. There may be small lump in the neck region with constant earache. It is necessary for you to consult your doctor if you have any of the above symptoms in the mouth. Early detection can assist in complete curing of oral cancer.

Diagnoses :

Your dentist looks for white or red patches inside the mouth with swelling or lump formation. If necessary he may take sample tissue and send it for biopsy for confirming the disease. Biopsy is the only method for detecting the presence of abnormal cells in the mouth.

Pictures of Gum Cancer :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Gum Cancer

Gum Cancer Gum Cancer Gum Cancer Gum Cancer Gum Cancer Gum Cancer Gum Cancer Gum Cancer

Gum Cancer Treatment :

Various forms of treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy is available for treating gum cancer. Sometimes a combination of these methods is recommended for patients to get it cured early. Surgery is done for removing the tumor in the mouth and if necessary, lymph nodes would also be removed. The type of surgery depends on the intensity of cancer in the patient and his/her health condition. Radiation therapy is given for destroying the cancer causing cells in the area. This type of treatment is given for removing small sized tumors and is ideal for patients who are not suitable for surgery.

Chemotherapy is done to destroy the entire group of cancer cells in the affected area. It can be given in the form of injection. Any form of therapy has some unwanted effects and hence you need to take sufficient time for choosing the best surgeon. There are people who have tooth decay, sore throat, infected gums and stiffness in jaw after doing radiation treatment. In rare cases, voice may change or break.

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