Groin Muscle

When the groin muscles are pulled or strained, it causes pain in the groin. When the groin muscles are strained at high intensity, it is due to the stretching process of thigh muscles beyond their limit. Ultimately this would result in tearing of some muscular parts and tissue in the groin resulting in swelling and pain. Groin muscles have adductors which are fan like structures present in the upper thigh region. When the leg muscles contract, it results in the pulling of muscle normally. However when there is intense contraction it would strain the groin muscles which is felt as pain in the thigh.

It can damage the inner muscles or tear some part of muscles when the muscles get pulled. Groin muscles when inflamed it pains a lot when touched normally. With increased movements to the muscles, it gets weakened and muscles get torn.

Groin muscles pain is felt in the form of sports hernia which is due to the sudden pulling of muscle. The feeling of dull pain in the groin is the symptom of sports hernia. Generally treatment for groin muscles is done on the basis of RICE method which means Rest, Ice application, Compression and Elevation of the pained muscles. Complete rest is advised until the muscles tear gets strong and it may take up to 2-3 weeks.

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Groin Muscle Groin Muscle Groin Muscle Groin Muscle Groin Muscle Groin Muscle Groin Muscle

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