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Gonorrhea is the common term given for bacterial infection that spreads through sex. It is one of the common sexually transmitted disease (STD). Men and women are equally attacked by this infection and people who are in the age group of 15-35 have the highest risk of getting gonorrhea. Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the name of the bacterium that causes gonorrhea and it resides on moist areas of human body. Sometimes the bacteria will attack mouth, throat, eyes and other moist areas of the body.

Without having exchange of fluids, there is no way you can get gonorrhea. It can be in the form of oral sex, anal sex and rectum sex. It need not be necessarily from having vaginal sex. Gonorrhea bacteria can easily enter the body through mouth, lips or saliva. It attacks the soft and smooth mucous membrane of the spot in which it invades and spread infection.

The symptoms of gonorrhea in men are very few and hence it is difficult to diagnose the infection. In women the symptoms of vaginal pain, pain while having sex, burning sensation while urinating and vaginal bleeding. Some women may develop complications like abscess formation and pelvic inflammation disorder due to gonorrhea infection.

Gonorrhea can be treated with powerful antibiotics but practicing safe sex is the best way to prevent gonorrhea.

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