Gonorrhea Male

Some of the common symptoms of Gonorrhea in men are discomfort in penis, whitish discharge form penile area, and pain while having sex. Some men will also get greenish yellow discharge with foul smell which is due to the infection of yeast. Gonorrhea is one type of sexually transmitted disease spreading through body fluids.

Though some symptoms are mentioned above, many men do not show any symptoms at all, making it difficult to detect the disease. To be safe, just stay away from sex, if you have any one of the above signs and consult your family doctor. In case if the doctor confirms the infection of Gonorrhea ensure that you are taking your sexual partner for treatment and checkup for sure.

Untreated gonorrhea in men may affect the glands, seminal vesicles, the scrotum and even the bladder. It can create further complications like swollen testicles, urethral abscesses, and discomfort in urinating.

There is every chance for getting infected through gonorrhea by having oral sex or anal sex. Many people believe that having oral sex is completely safe but it is not true and men, in particular is likely to get infected while having oral sex. Sometimes, it can affect your rectum also causing bleeding and pain while passing stool.

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Gonorrhea Male Gonorrhea Male Gonorrhea Male Gonorrhea Male Gonorrhea Male

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