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Gangrene is the medical term of died tissue in the body which may cut off blood supply. It can happen suddenly due to accident, leg injury or from an infection. Gangrene is prone to people who have serious injury for long time and for persons with history of arterio sclerosis, which is the condition of hardening of blood vessels in arms and legs. Diabetic patients and persons who often undergo chemotherapy are also on high risk for gangrene.

When suddenly there is death of tissue in the body, it would show as peculiar symptoms like discoloration of the skin or affected area. The skin becomes blue or black depending on the infection. There would be fluid like discharge with foul smell. A feeling of numbness is felt in that area, though initially intense pain is felt. All the above symptoms of gangrene is felt only for superficial tissue death.

In case if there is tissue death inside the body like in gall bladder or liver, it shows symptoms like confusion, fever, gas formation and lowered blood pressure. Arteriogram is done for confirming the gangrene symptoms and sometimes the doctor would advice the patient to go for CT scan.

Surgery is the only remedy available for gangrene. The surgeon would operate the area to remove the dead tissue and cells underneath. However immediate surgery and removal is utmost essential for saving the life of affected person. Sometimes amputation will be done for saving life. In this connection, debridement ( a procedure in which repeated surgery is done for removing dead tissues) is done for some people.

Pictures of Gangrene :

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Gangrene Gangrene Gangrene Gangrene Gangrene Gangrene Gangrene

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