Ganglion Cyst Foot

The term “Ganglion” relates to the knot or lump of the cells that is positioned below the surface of the skin on the foot. Ganglion cyst foot is a type of tumor (non-cancerous) that grows in the form of lump on the foot. It commonly occurs in the feet though it may develop anywhere in the body. Tumor like growth is present on the joint that covers the tendon muscle.

There would be sacs in the space between the bones and cyst develops when these sacs are filled with fluid. Cyst may also develop on the tendon attached to the bone or muscle of the foot. The ganglion cysts vary largely in size depending on the severity of the problem. In some cases one large cyst is present and on others there may be a cluster of small sized cysts. Sometimes it may disappear on its own, without requiring any treatment but it can always recur after some time.

Ganglion cyst is more prevalent in women of age group 25-40 but they are generally harmless. In rare cases, they may develop on the base of fingers and outside of the knee portion.

Symptoms :

Ganglion cyst foot is characterized by the presence of lump or cyst. Normally they are smaller in size measuring 1-4 cm in width and are soft structures. There may be swelling in the foot causing pain and the pain is intensely felt when the person moves her joint in rapid motion. For some women, there may not be any pain at all and the cyst is not harmful except for cosmetic purpose.

In case the cyst develops on nerve endings it may cause tingling sensation on the affected foot. You may experience difficulty in wearing shoes and mild irritation due to the presence of lumps.

Causes :

Exact cause for ganglion cyst is unknown. It can develop when the extremities of your body is subjected to accidental fall or injury. Ganglion cyst foot can occur when there is abnormality in the joint of the tendon sheath which allows the surrounding tissue to emerge outside causing inflammation. It resembles very much like a balloon held on a stalk.

Diagnoses :

Mere physical examination is enough to detect the ganglion cyst. If required, your doctor may pull out some fluid from the cyst for testing. Ultrasound scan may be done for finding any problem in the blood vessel where cysts are formed.

Pictures of Ganglion Cyst Foot :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Ganglion Cyst Foot

Ganglion Cyst Foot Ganglion Cyst Foot Ganglion Cyst Foot Ganglion Cyst Foot Ganglion Cyst Foot
Treatment :

Very often ganglion cyst foot do not require any treatment if it is painless. Your doctor will devise suitable plan of treatment after examining the cyst closely. A simple procedure of taking out the pus or fluid from the lump using needle is enough to shrink the cyst in the affected part.

Sometimes, your physician may ask you to wear special kind of shoes for managing the cysts and use pads for relieving from pressure caused by inflammation. Even the cyst may disappear but you need to check for its recurrence frequently.

Aspiration is the procedure used to drain off the fluid collected inside the ganglion cyst. Your doctor may inject steroid drugs into the cyst for reducing the pain and degree of inflammation.

Hyaluronidase is a type of steroid used for managing arthritis pain and currently this medicine is widely used for treating ganglion cyst foot. You can get complete cure by just taking one shot of this substance by making one visit to your doctor.

Surgery is the last option for removing cyst in case it does not respond to any other methods of treatment.

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