Fournier’s Gangrene

It is a rare infection affecting the soft tissues of penis due to necrotizing infection. The soft tissues of the male genitals are infected which is due to aerobic bacteria. Though it may appear to be small infection, Fournier gangrene is a medical emergency. It is very much essential to remove the dead tissue from the genitals failing which it can be fatal. Intravenous fluids should be started to prevent infection from spreading by injecting antibiotics.

In case of infection due to anaerobic bacteria, hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBO is recommended to prevent the growth of bacteria. The patients with history of diabetes are more prone to Fournier gangrene and people who are habitual drinkers may also get this infection. Fournier gangrene will together attack lower gastro intestinal tract and urinary tract causing death. Since the symptoms are very mild it is difficult to diagnose the illness and get the person hospitalized. Though antibiotics and surgical methods are administered still it is difficult to control the rate of deaths due to FG.

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