Foamy Urine

Urine is produced by the kidneys are discharged through urethra. Like any other metabolic wastes, urine is toxic and if retained in the body could produce undesirable illness. Normal color of the urine is amber or pale yellow. But when it contains excess of uric acid or any inorganic salts it may become foamy causing bubbles to form in the urine. For some people, there may be foamy urine due to this condition. Even the speed at which urine is discharged can influence the urine content. Having one or two times foamy urine is normal but when it becomes a routine, you need to consult your doctor.

Causes :

Foamy urine is caused due to the presence of high protein content in the urine (proteinuria). It can develop due to problems in kidney function, urinary tract infection and underlying medical conditions.

Sometime, when you delay in visiting the restroom you may pass urine at high speed hitting the toilet bowl rapidly which would increase froth formation.

Low intake of fluids/water can also cause foamy urine on some people.

Taking excess of protein like fish, chicken and other foods that are rich in protein can also increase the total protein content in your body. The problem arises by not taking excess of protein foods, but when the body fails to absorb the proteins completely which is then ingested through the urine. There are people who take daily protein supplement for certain medications and they will end up passing foamy urine.

Hence, you should discuss this with your doctor when he asks your daily food habit.

Urinary tract infection can also cause foamy urine along with burning sensation. Women are likely to get UTI for many reasons, and hence they need to take precaution by checking their urine which is an indication for presence of virus or bacteria.

Swelling is developed on the urinary bladder when there is abnormality in connection between the urinary tract and colon. This would result in accumulation of fluid which leads to foamy urine. The foam present in the urine is the result of vesicocolic fistula indicating health issues like Crohn’s disease or tumor.

For men, the presence of semen in the urine can make the urine foamy. This happens normally after sexual contact with the partner wherein small semen particles get discharged through urethra in the urine.

It is common for diabetic patients to have foamy urine due to high protein content. A simple dipstick test is useful to confirm the level of protein in urine.

Diagnoses :

Your doctor will ask you to test the urine for checking the levels of protein and based on the result, he would proceed with treatment.

Pictures of Foamy Urine :

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Foamy Urine Foamy Urine Foamy Urine
Treatment :

Proteins are responsible for building blocks of body parts like bones, muscles and skin. Protein is vital for various functions like blood clotting, protection from various diseases and regulating the fluids. But when there is excess of protein (proteinuria) in urine this would cause foamy urine. Due to some reason, protein would leak with the urine causing froth formation.

Your doctor would first diagnose the situation properly to find out the underlying factor. It can be due to diabetic neuropathy and in that case, he would prescribe medicines to control blood sugar level.
Prescription medicine includes angiotensin that converts the enzyme inhibitors for treating proteinuria.

Initially he would give ACE inhibitor drugs for managing excess of protein in urine. If it does not respond, he would start giving angiotensin receptor blocker like spironolactone for retaining the protein content in the blood. There is every chance for developing hyperkalemia when you are given combined therapy of ACE inhibitors and angiotensin drugs.

Further your doctor will ask you to avoid taking more salt content in daily food. You need to reduce the protein and salt content in your diet. If needed, you need to consult a dietician for planning your daily diet. The doctor will closely monitor your blood sugar level and blood pressure if he suspects any problem in the kidney.

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