Fluid in lungs

Pulmonary edema is the term given to the fluid accumulation in the lungs. It can happen due to many reasons and pus formation may cause swelling on the tissues surrounding the lungs. Lungs are one of the vital organs of your body which facilitates exchange of air. When lungs get inflamed it can cause serious breathing problem for the person.

There are several causes for pulmonary edema. Congestive heart failure may cause edema in lungs. When the heart cannot function properly it may send excess of blood into the lungs causing swelling. Pneumonia is a serious infection in upper respiratory tract which causes inflammation on the lungs. Pneumonia is caused by infection due to bacteria or virus. When the person inhales toxic gas or exposed to smoke caused by fire it can affect the lungs causing irritation. Climbing high altitudes can also cause lung infection since oxygen supply is less and pressure is high. Sometimes, problems in kidney function can cause lungs swelling or edema in lungs.

The common symptoms of edema are repeated cough, shortness of breath, pale skin, fatigue and excess of sweating. It can also cause grunting while the person breathes and sudden respiratory problem when he sleeps.

Treatment will be initiated after examining the causative factor that causes edema. The main purpose of treatment is to remove excess of fluids from the lungs and if not attended immediately, it can be fatal. Giving high doses of oxygen by face mask to facilitate breathing, administering diuretic drugs to remove fluids, and putting the patient on ventilator machine for some time until the condition improves are some of the medical remedies for pulmonary edema.

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Fluid in lungs Fluid in lungs Fluid in lungs Fluid in lungs Fluid in lungs

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