Fifth Disease

Fifth disease is also called as slapped cheek syndrome and erythema infectiosum in medical terms. This disease is characterized by the rash formation on cheeks and arms and even on legs for children and adults.

The rash is due to the viral infection by name human parvo virus B19. It usually affects the school going children during spring season. The fifth disease is contagious and easily spreads through secretions.

The initial symptom of fifth disease is the red colored cheeks and looks as if the child is beaten with fingers on the face. Shortly after, the rashes will start appearing on the legs and arms. Exposure to sunlight will trigger the rashes on various parts of the body. Some children will also get fever and joint pain when rash starts developing.

When a pregnant woman gets infected with fifth disease, it can cause serious damage to the growing fetus.
No treatment is required for this disease and rashes will stay only for 2 weeks at the maximum. The fever and other symptoms will fade within a week. In case of severe joint pain, then taking Tylenol will provide some relief for adults.

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Fifth Disease Fifth Disease Fifth Disease Fifth Disease Fifth Disease Fifth Disease

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