Female Yeast infection

Female yeast infection is caused by yeast called Candida albicans and this is the most common vaginal problem in women. Many other diseases like trichomoniasis and vaginosis also have similar symptoms like that of yeast infection. As such this type of vaginal infection is harmless and involves very simple treatment.

Normally the vagina of a woman contains number of good bacteria and yeast cells. When the number of bad bacteria exceeds the number of good ones, it may result in yeast infection. The yeast will dwell on these bacteria destroying the balance and causing infection. All these symptoms will be prominent before the onset of menstrual cycle.

Treating female yeast infection is simple. Plenty of home remedies such as applying yoghurt on the affected vagina, using antifungal cream etc. are available. Alternatively you can also use over the counter medications for treating yeast infection. Antifungal ointments, antifungal pills can give remedy to reduce swelling. But you should indulge in sex activity until the infection gets completely cured and the vagina become dry.

Vaginal yeast infection can be prevented if you follow genital hygiene. Always ensure that you are keeping the vagina clean. Frequently change pads so that you are clean. Do not wear tight fitting panties and jeans which prevent letting out of moisture and sweat.

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