Female Gonorrhea

Women who are infected with gonorrhea often have the infection of Chlamydia also. The female gonorrhea often known as “clap” is caused by bacteria by name Neisseria gonorrhea. The bacteria will invade wet areas of the body like throat, mouth, vagina, penis, eyes, anus and rectum. There is every chance for the infected women to pass on the bacterial infection to men who has sexual intercourse with her. It is not mandatory that he should have penetration sex with her for receiving the infection. Even oral sex and anal sex would suffice to get transmitted with the female gonorrhea infection.

The symptoms of female gonorrhea are abnormal bleeding, burning sensation while urinating and pain when having sex. Women who are sexually active are more to get gonorrhea than normal women. Women who have sex at early ages and those who have childbirth before 18 years are also at the risk of getting vaginal infection.

Treatment of gonorrhea can be had by taking strong antibiotics for killing bacteria. Cefixime, ciprofloxacin, ceftriaxone and doxycycline are some of the pills prescribed for female gonorrhea. The best way to prevent getting infection from gonorrhea is to have safe sex, following clean habits and maintaining hygiene.

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