Eating Fast Food Good or Bad For Your Health – Choose Healthy Fast Food

Junk foods have become an integral part in the lives of many people in the fast moving scenario. Many of them don’t have the patience to cook and they resort eating at fast foods junction on the go. It is tasty and inexpensive and this is the reason more and more fast food chains are opened up each day.

Doctors and caretakers are on constant advice not to eat at fast food centers owing to high fat/cholesterol/calorie content in each item. Eating at fast food centers can cause various chronic issues like ulcer, stomach pain, GERD, increase in blood cholesterol and most importantly weight gain.

Things To Note When Dining At Fast Food Chains :

It does not mean you have to forget eating at fast food restaurants when you are dieting. First you need to know that there are some healthy foods available even at fast foods. Take time to find out the list of such foods and make wise choice.

  • Calorie Content

Go for restaurants that have calorie content in their menu cards. There are plenty of combinations of sandwiches at fast foods and you have to select the one that is the lowest in calories. Avoid fatty items in your roll and choose the smallest calorie sandwiches. “Go for small” should be your motto. You can take plenty of salads if you are craving.

If you are crazy about French fries you need not sacrifice it completely, but order for small serving and be satisfied. By sticking on to “small” portion you are not adding more calories but at the same time you are able to gratify your craving.

  • Healthy Side Dishes

Many of the fast food centers offer fresh fruit juices and vegetable salads. When you are going to dine with your friends you can place orders for your favorite fruit juice and salads. You can also have a cup of yogurt (even with fat) so that you can feel satisfied when you leave the place. Plenty of healthy side dishes like baked chips or orange slices or steamed rice are available. All you have to remember is be choosy while placing orders.

  • Prefer Grilled Items For Fried Ones

Opt for grilled chicken with lots of vegetables in the place of fried chicken. You can make orders for low fat dressing and avoid cheese and other fatty dressing. This can always make you happy with low calorie content. In case of bread items, go for whole wheat ones instead of white breads. If you are fond of paneer like dairy items order for tofu instead of full fat ones. Grilled meats like turkey or lean ham cannot load your body with calories but at the same time can keep your hunger drive gratified.

  • Cool Drinks and Ice-Creams

Next comes the finishing drinks. Be careful and avoid regular soda. In that place you can make order for diet soda or even iced tea without sugar. Most of the beverages have high calories and it is better to avoid them.

If at all you are craving for dessert, order for small cup of it instead of regular or large ones. In the place of large shakes you can request for lassi. Watch the calories in them and remember how much you struggled to lose even one pound. In this manner, you can always enjoy fast foods in healthy way. There are many substitutions and healthy options and it is for you to find them in the restaurant. There is no harm in having any item of your choice but go for the smallest size available.

fast food good or bad

Fast Foods Can Become Healthy :

Not all the fast food chains are causing intense damage to your system. You can make dining at fast foods pleasant by making small adjustments and choosing a healthy diet. Many of the items sold there are processed and contain high fat content exceeding the daily calorie requirements of the body. You will be getting the calorie needed for the entire day by simply ordering a burger with cheese carvings.

  • Choose Protein Foods

Search the menu card to find out the food with the lowest calorie. Go for items that are high in proteins and fiber. Avoid items with high sodium content since it can increase blood pressure.

  • Added Sugar

As many of you think and believe that only sodas and desserts are loaded with sugar molecules. But the truth is many items like ketchups, salad dressings, and even an average burger can contain added sugar. You are reducing the risk of diabetes and heart attack by reducing the total volume of sugar each day. Sugar can be the root cause of many chronic diseases including diabetes and hypertension. As per the recommendations of American Heart Association, total sugar content per day should not exceed 37.5 gm.

  • Consider Dressings and Condiments Too

Apart from the main food the condiments can also contribute for extra calories. Be careful in choosing the right salad and spreads. Even side dishes and sauces can make you unhealthy. An average soda contains about 9 spoons of sugar adding 300 calories. Shakes can add about 800 calories topped with 120 gm of sugar. Make sure you are completing your dinner with tea/coffee or unsweetened iced tea. Avoid eating bacon, onion rings and other kinds of burger toppings. Choose from kid’s menu that are good and health with low calories.

fast food good or bad

Good Replacements :

The following list can give you clear idea about how to enjoy fast foods without adding more calories.

  1. Choose only single hamburger and avoid double or triple patty.
  2. Go for baked potato instead of French fries.
  3. Order grilled chicken in the place of chicken nuggets.
  4. Consider garden salad with chicken (grilled) instead of bacon or cheese.
  5. Use apple slices instead of milkshakes.
  6. Order for honey BBQ chicken instead of Teriyaki wings.
  7. Avoid eating chicken plus biscuit bowl and eat mashed potatoes deliciously.
  8. If you are visiting Mexican food center you can order for rice and beans and choose soft tortillas with low fat.
  9. Go for grilled fish instead of fried chicken. Select black bans in the place of fried beans or pintos. Order for veggie burrito instead of beef burrito.
  10. Select healthy meats instead of processed ones like ham. Choose Avocados in the place of processed cheese varieties.
  11. Choose whole grain bread instead of white breads.
  12. Order for a small slice of your favorite pizza instead of regular ones, if you are very much craving. Always go for vegetable toppings instead of cheese or meat. Pizzas are loaded with fats and calories and it is better to avoid that route.
  13. Whole wheat pizza is a better choice than cheese filled ones. Chicken delight is a smart choice in the place of pepperoni or bacon toppings.
  14. Order for steamed brown rice instead of fried rice. Stir-fried or steamed dishes are healthy choices when comparing with deep fried ones.

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