Early Skin Cancer

Many types of skin cancer can be easily detected for slight changes in shape, color and texture of the skin. It is better to look out for any changes on the skin to detect the growth of cancer causing cells as early as possible. Not all the types of skin cancer have the same symptoms. In case you observe for sudden changes in the skin, then it is time to consult your medical practitioner.

Development of raised bump or lesion like growth on the skin in particular on the neck and face area, formation of red bumps on arms, face and hands, scaly dry patches on the skin that are rough to touch and changing colors of mole are some of the symptoms of early skin cancer. Any mole, irrespective of size that changes color and shape often is to be noticed and treated with care at early stages.

Though skin cancer can occur in any part of your body, still the areas like neck, face, hands and scalp are more prone to skin cancer than other parts, due to the repeated exposure to the sun. A mole that has irregular border and irregular shape should not be ignored. Very often, the process of development of skin cancer takes time and does not appear on the skin overnight. Look out for the symptoms by examining the ABCD pattern. In case of any doubt, do not delay in consulting your doctor.

Pictures of Early Skin Cancer :

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