Diuresis – Causes, Types, Symptoms, Treatment

It is a condition in which a person’s kidneys will produce increased quantity of urine which will be released from his body. During this process, he may also lose excess of ions and salts from his body. If this happens without the intake of any drugs or any medical condition, it is a serious condition. This is caused by several health conditions and due to the intake of diuretic drugs.

Causes Of Diuresis :

There are many factors which causes increased production of urine by kidneys. Strenuous exercises, certain powerful drugs, and other health related disorders can increase secretion of urine. Taking more coffee will certainly increase urine production. Similarly there are many foods that provide intense thirst will respond in producing more urine. Generally speaking, diuresis is not a serious health concern. Patients who are in the recovery stage of renal problem will certainly produce more amount of urine indicating that the kidneys are functioning well.

Complications :

If not with certain medication and diseases, diuresis can cause some problem. In other words, it is a symptom that indicates that kidneys are over functioning. People who suffer from diabetes and heart problems will have indications of diuresis. Likewise, people who have hypercalcemia disorder will produce more urine. It is essential to consult your medical practitioner to know the root cause of the problem.

Diuresis Types :

There are several types of diuresis according to the cause of production of urine. Osmotic diuresis is caused when certain particles get piled up inside the tubules of kidneys. This would in turn induce re-absorption of water which leads to increased water content in the blood, which is released in the form of urine.

  • Rebound Diuresis – This type of diuresis occurs to people who are under the recovery process of kidney problem.
  • Immersion Diuresis – Sudden fall in body temperature and increase in blood pressure will induce urine production. Sometimes, when the body is exposed to extreme cold temperature, this would increase the urine production.
  • Post Obstructive Diuresis – In this type, more urine is produced when a person has just recovered from urinary blockage.

Diuresis Symptoms :

The main sign of diuresis is increased urine output. He passes urine more frequently and it will of more quantity. There may or may not be discomfort and pain in the genitals. Other symptoms of this disorder are fatigue, increased thirst, disturbance in sleep, hypercalcemia and heart problems.

Pictures of Diuresis :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Diuresis

Diuresis Diuresis
Diuresis Treatment :

Doctors would prescribe anti diuretic drugs for treating this condition. For other patients, treatment is aimed in treating the causative factors rather than the symptoms. Excess of urination can cause a serious condition called hypokalemia and there is every chance for dehydration. Whatever may be the cause, you should seek early medical help to avoid complication in future.

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