Diabetic Foot Problems

Those who are diabetic should take extra care about their feet. Diabetes is a condition in which sugar content in the blood exceeds normal limit. Very often two foot problems are reported with diabetic patients. One is diabetic neuropathy and the other is peripheral vascular disease. In the diabetic neuropathy, prolonged diabetics can cause damage in the nerves of your feet and legs.

You may not feel any sensation on your feet and it can become worse, if infected. In the peripheral vascular disease, the blood flow is affected causing block in circulation which in turn may give rise to ulcers or gangrene.

Types :

Number of foot problems is observed in diabetic patients. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection causing itching and cracking in your feet. Sometime, fungal infection may affect your nails, making it difficult to treat. People who are diabetic are prone to get blisters on the feet and corn (hard skin) because of the pressure of shoes on the toes. Calluses is a condition of dry skin that builds up to form a pile. For some the big toe may bend towards the second toe causing bunions with severe pain and inflammation. Foot ulcers are quite common in diabetic patients since any wound becomes difficult to heal causing infection.

Causes :

Diabetic foot problem may arise, if you wear improper shoes, tight shoes and poorly fitting shoes. It may also happen due to severe nerve damage, especially when diabetic patients remain in the same posture for long time. Poor blood circulation is also another reason for getting foot problems due to hardening of arteries. In addition, fungal infection and smoking may also cause damage to your feet.

Symptoms :

Redness, blister formation, persistent pain in the foot, increased pain while walking, swelling, hard dry skin, getting calluses and corns and drainage of pus are some of the symptoms.

Treatment :

Diabetic person should take extreme care of their foot by examining it daily. Trim your nails regularly. Wear shoes that have some breathing space. Practice exercise regularly and wash your feet thoroughly in warm water.

Antibiotics are prescribed by your doctor for treating ulcers and infection. In case of severe problems related to bone, consult orthopedic surgeon without delay.

Pictures of Diabetic Foot Problems :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Diabetic Foot Problems

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Prevention :

Most of the diabetic foot problems can be prevented by taking little extra care. Monitor your blood sugar level regularly and take medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Wash the feet in lukewarm water and use mild detergents. Check your feet every now and then for blisters, sores or calluses. In case you have dry skin, apply moisturizing lotion daily and gently massage it. Dry your feet well and keep it clean. Use proper cutters for removing toenails and don’t trim the nails in round fashion; instead cut it down straight across. Wear comfortable shoes and insoles.

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