Croup is a breathing problem medically called Laryngotracheo-bronchitis. It is also known as barking cough and this disease causes inflammation around the vocal cord. Very often it occurs in infants and children.

  • Croup is caused by viral infection, allergy, bacterial infection, and acid reflux. Earlier it was fatal disease since it was caused by diphtheria. Now with improved antibiotics croup can be treated well. It affects the infants of 3-5 months age and sometimes children up to 5 years old.
  • The symptoms of this disease are “barking” cough. It starts as a mild cough and gradually turns severe and sounds like seal barking. The child may not be able to sleep properly at night with shortness of breath.
  • Treatment is given based on the intensity of the disease. It can be managed by home remedies if it is mild cough. Doctors prescribe acetaminophen for reducing the range of cough and to make the child comfortable. Do not give cough medications without consulting your doctor. Steroid drug are also given for bringing down the irritant coughing sound.

In case of breathing difficulty, the doctor may want to hospitalize the child for putting him on artificial respiration. There may be swelling in the upper respiratory tract.

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Croup Croup Croup Croup Croup

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