Coughing up Green Mucus

Before knowing how to treat green mucus, you should understand how it is formed. Mucus is nothing but enzymes and non-organic salts that protect our body from virus and bacteria. It is normal to have salivary gland secretion and mucus for safeguarding the body. But green mucus is an indication of infection caused by bacteria. The mucus changes its color to form greenish or yellow-green mucus. But you have to consult your doctor if you have green mucus accompanied by nasal congestion, sinus, and high fever for more than 3 days and bloody discharge in the mucus or cough.

Presence of green mucus can be indicative of cold, flu, sinusitis, nasal polyps, dryness and allergic reaction. It clearly shows that your body is attacked by virus or bacteria. It has to be dealt with seriously but unlike many people believe, you should not take antibiotics for getting rid of green mucus.

What Causes Green Mucus ?

Sinusitis, rhinitis, infection in the nasal membranes or any infection caused to the membrane lining of trachea or bronchioles may cause green mucus. The infection can be due to viruses or bacteria or any other microorganism. Actually, secretion of green mucus helps your body to moisten the airways and nose thus preventing the lining and tissues to dry out. It also helps in trapping the foreign particles like bacteria and viruses inside. Given that, green mucus is literally protecting your lungs and respiratory organs from invasion of bacteria and viruses.

How it Changes Color ?

Normally, healthy mucus is colorless or whitish grey in color. There will be always circulation of mucus from the nasal cavities to the sinus and vice-versa, thus facilitating free circulation. When the mucus is blocked in the midway for some reason, it will give room for the growth of bacteria or viruses causing infection. This infection changes the color of plain mucus to green or greenish yellow mucus. You can also feel bad odor coming through the nose or mouth while spitting out mucus.

Very often sinus infection is the culprit causing green mucus which is caused by virus. Initially, the affected individual will have mucus drainage in white color which gradually changes into yellow and green.

Eventually, there will be accumulation of sinus pain and pressure causing headache. Coughing up green mucus will precede some of the symptoms like nasal polyps, cold and flu.

Treatment :

First you should identify the underlying cause before giving any treatment for green mucus. In case it if it caused due to allergic reaction, then you should avoid taking foods that produce mucus. Try to keep the nasal cavity as clear as possible by blowing up the mucus. You should not allow the green mucus to stagnate in the nasal cavity which will increase the infection.

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Take Vitamin C in any form which will provide some relief from mucus secretion. You can also try acupressure therapy or herbal treatment for getting rid of green mucus. You can take antihistamine medicines but follow the instructions and there may be side effects like drowsiness. Some people get addicted to antihistamine syrup and drugs and they will continue to take them even after the mucus got settled.

You need not rush using nasal spray unless advised by your medical practitioner. Do all possible efforts to increase the immune system. You can also try home remedy like inhaling hot steam to clear the nasal block and for removing mucus. If required, you can add few drops of eucalyptus oil in it for getting instant relief. Take enough rest and avoid indulging in stressful activities. Avoid taking coffee, tea and other soft beverages which will increase mucus secretion.

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