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Cleft palate is the condition of poor development of palate of the child during birth. Sometimes the palate may not be fully covered and some opening may be seen in the corner or middle of the mouth. Cleft palate is birth defect and is usually passed on from the parental genes to the child. It can be caused by strong medications and release of toxins during pregnancy. Cleft palate should be treated before the child turns One year otherwise it can affect the facial appearance of the child. It can also cause problems in feeding and speech. In rare cases, cleft palate may cause ear infection.

The condition of cleft palate can be easily diagnosed by physical examination of the child soon after birth. It can result in change in the size of nose and poor teeth alignment later. It is better to correct the cleft palate in early stages. In some cases, the child may not gain weight and may have difficulty in feeding and talking. For some children, the milk may enter the nasal passage while feeding which may cause serious problem in breathing. The formation of cleft palate in the child is indicative of any other birth abnormality later. Cleft palate should be corrected during the early stages of development of the child.

Surgery is done for the child from 6 weeks onwards to repair the cleft palate and lip. You need to monitor the growth of the child even after surgery in consultation with speech therapists.

Pictures of Cleft Palate :

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