Causes of Nausea After Eating With or Without Vomiting

Nausea is the feeling one gets before vomiting. There are many reasons for feeling nauseated ranging from pregnancy in women to severe infection in appendix region. The nausea may end up in vomiting sometimes but it is not mandatory.

A feeling of uneasiness in stomach with moderate pain precedes getting nausea. For some people, it may cause loss of balance and excess of saliva secretion. If nausea follows after eating food, then it can be due to eating disorder or anorexia.

Food allergy is one of the possible causes for getting nausea. Any item in the food such as dairy or wheat products can be allergic to you. Even brinjal and common vegetables can invoke allergy in certain people.

When the person is affected psychologically or under stress, it can cause nausea after every meal. This is more particular in patients with bulimia who would often vomit after eating. In that case, it can be cured by cognitive therapy and proper medications.

Indigestion can be a cause for nausea and vomiting. If there is heavy acidity in foodstuff you have just taken it can push the food back into the throat. Starving for too long can cause nausea. Eating very fast can sometimes cause vomiting and feeling nauseated.

Pregnancy is one of the common causes in women for getting nausea. They will often feel very hungry and when they start eating it will trigger nausea followed by vomiting. This is called morning sickness and will get settled after the first trimester of pregnancy.

Viral infection in gastrointestinal tract can bring drastic stomach problems causing vomiting.

Appendicitis is an infection of appendix region in the abdomen which can trigger vomiting and nausea.

Lastly when you are nervous and highly stressed you may feel nauseated due to fear and anxiety.

Pictures of Nausea after Eating :

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