Anuria – Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


Anuria is a condition where there is no urine discharge from the body. The main cause of anuria includes severe kidney problems, hypovolemia, cardiogenic shock and sepsis. The term “anuria” indicates absence of urine. In most cases of anuria patients the urine production would be … [Read more...]

Best Fishes For Your Health

fishes for your health

Fish not only contains proteins but all the essential nutrients required for your body. It is recommended to include fish in your diet twice a week. You get the advantage of getting low calorie protein by eating fish and it does not contain cholesterol like meat. Some of the … [Read more...]

Why I Am Not Losing Weight In Spite Of Repeated Efforts?

not losing weight

Losing weight by any means has become the life-target for millions of people across the globe. Obesity and overweight is common in any age group of people. Obviously, weight loss lies in the balance of calories – namely the calories you burn should be more than the calories you … [Read more...]

Heart Attack and Stroke : First Aid Treatment

heart attack

Heart attack has become a common term nowadays. Heart attack is one of the major causes of death worldwide. It is true that thousands of people die due to heart attack each year. Unlike popularly believe, heart attack will not stop the functioning of heart but it only damages and … [Read more...]