Bump on Eyelid – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Bump on eyelid can be formed due to inflammation of oil gland on the eyelid. It is called “stye” in medical terms. Any bump on eyelid is not tumor and will not affect the vision often. Getting few bumps on eyelid is quite common and most of the time it fades off without any surgery. Bumps can be soft, small or large in size, filled with fluids. It is caused due to the inflammation of the gland inside the eyelid. Stye is the major cause for bumps on eyelid.

When there is excess of secretion of oily fluid from the glands of the eyelid it causes stye or bumps. It is similar to pimple red in color and looks swollen on the eyelid. The position of the eyelid will change gradually with age and often the eyelids become droopy as one gets old. You can seek help from your eye doctor if you have watery eyes and gritty feeling on your eyes.

Causes :

Bacterial infection can cause stye or cyst or bumps on eyelid. Bacteria from the skin surface can enter into the glands of the eyelids causing inflammation. These bumps are very much like that of acne on the skin. Bumps can be either single or two or more and they vary in size and shape. Often bumps develop without any apparent reason and remain for few days. It would heal off after some days without giving any trouble.

In rare cases bumps are formed due to chalazion, a condition in which the oily gland of the eyelids is fully blocked. This can block the vision partially and needs to be treated. Blepharitis can also cause bump formation on the eyelids. Similarly papillomas and xanthelasma can cause cyst on eyelids. In very rare cases bumps can occur due to skin cancer and it would bleed or change its shape and color.

Symptoms :

Bump on eyelid are small often red in color looks like swollen lumps. It would be sensitive to light and can cause gritty feeling on the eyes. The affected eye would be tender to touch and it can cause tears or watery discharge. In severe cases the bumps can cause pain and discomfort if it is infected. You should see your doctor if the bumps grow in size or changes its color.

Glands Of Eyelid :

There are about 40 glands separately in upper and lower glands and they are called as meibomian glands. The main role of these glands is to secrete a thick liquid which is nothing but mucus and little oil. This thick liquid is known as sebum which helps in lubricating the eyes. The gland is located behind the eyelashes found on the margins of lower and upper eyelids. When the tiny opening of this gland is blocked due to dirt it accumulates excess of liquid inside the gland causing inflammation. This would eventually cause thickening of glands and the oily secretion would leak into the gland itself. This swelling of eyelid becomes a stye or bump.

Diagnosis :

No separate test is required to detect bump on eyelid. Your doctor can detect bump by looking at it.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Bump on Eyelid :

Bump on Eyelid Bump on Eyelid Bump on Eyelid Bump on Eyelid

Treatment :

Most of the bumps on eyelid will heal on its own without any treatment. You can apply warm compression on it and leave it for 10 minutes. Repeat this process several times a day. This would eventually clear the clogged pores of the gland facilitating easy drainage of oil. Avoid wearing contact lens if you have developed bump on eyelid. Never share your contact lens with others. Do not apply cosmetics on your eyes if you have bump. If you have discomfort or pain on your eyes you need to consult your doctor. Your doctor will examine your eyes using lighted microscope and prescribe topical antibiotics if he suspects infection.

In case the bumps are large and painful he would surgically remove it by making small incision on the bump to drain off the liquid inside. Bumps will get better in few days generally. But if you get frequent bumps you can visit your doctor. Always visit the clinic if you have blisters on your eyelid, if you have problems in vision and pain in the eyelids due to bump.

Prevention :

Avoid touching your eyelids or skin around it. Your hands/fingers can contain thousands of germs which can enter the skin of eyelids causing infection. Wash your eyes thoroughly with cold water daily.

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