The term blepharitis indicates eyelids inflammation medically. The areas where the hair follicles of the eyelids are located develop swelling due to the malfunction in the oil glands of the eyelids. “Blepharos” means eyelid in Greek and hence inflammation developed on the eyelids is called blepharitis. During the process of inflammation, normally white blood cells are produced in excess to protect the body from foreign particles as a result of injury or infection. This results in inflammation which may cause warmth, redness, pain and swelling. The eyes become irritated and itchy with the formation of scales or dandruff on the eyelash. However blepharitis does not spread from one person to another.

Causes :

The major cause of eyelid inflammation is due to the excess of secretion from oil glands present in the eyelids. You can find about 40 oil glands totally in upper and lower eyelids and due to malfunction, they started secreting more of oily substance which in turn affect the margins of eyelids casing irritation and swelling.

It is also caused due acne rosacea which is one of the common skin disorder affecting millions of people. Sometimes the outer edges are affected or the skin surrounding the corners of the eyelids gets affected with the oil secretion.

Any disorder or malfunction of the eyelid margin may also cause blepharitis. Seborrheic blepharitis is the term given when the eyelids get infected by bacteria Staphylococcus.

Allergic reaction can also cause blepharitis. Change in eye-cosmetics is also another reason for swelling of eyelids. Contact lens and new type of mascara can also cause this condition. Sometimes airborne allergy, environmental pollution, pet allergies and spray can also cause blepharitis. Underlying medical illness like skin cancer may also produce inflammation on the eyelids. People who get repeated sty infection and chalazia may also suffer from blepharitis.

Symptoms :

The affected eyelids become reddish and there may be moderate to severe irritation. Dandruff like scales is found to stick on the eyelashes which may cause burning sensation. The entire eyelids may become reddened and look swollen.

In simple terms, the affected person will feel like having sand particles inside the eyes and it becomes difficult to close and open the eyes. It may also cause scarring of eyelids and eyelashes may fell out. It may produce gritty sensation on the eyes causing crusting of eyelids. The affected eye becomes sensitive to light. It can also cause dryness of the eyes due to mild form of tearing.

The margins of the eyelids become red and swollen. There will be increased shedding of cells of skin near the eyelids which may cause flaking. For many people, it becomes difficult to open the eyes in the morning since eyelids stick together to close the eyes. It can produce tears (frothy) repeatedly. For some there may be partial loss of eyelashes.

Pictures of Blepharitis :

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Blepharitis Blepharitis Blepharitis Blepharitis Blepharitis Blepharitis Blepharitis
Treatment :

For most of the cases, it does not require any medical treatment. Simple cleaning of the eyes, using warm compress, and frequent removal of scalp will control the eye infection. Taking good care of the eyes and regular cleaning habits is enough to manage blepharitis.

Apply warm compress on the eyelids periodically. You can dip a soft cloth in warm water and apply it gently on the eyelids. Leave it aside for 5-10 minutes and repeat this process several times a day. You can also use the cotton applicator for cleansing the eyelids.

Avoid using all sorts of eye makeup and cosmetics when you get infection. In case you are wearing contact lenses, you need to remove it temporarily till the infection cures completely.

In case you still have symptoms of blepharitis you can consult your doctor to use antibiotic eye lotions or steroid drops.

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