Atypical Chest Pain – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Many of us do get chest pain but not all of them lead to heart attack or failure. Chest pain is indeed a frightening episode in anybody’s life and it is really difficult to predict the exact cause of chest pain. Chest pain can originate from lungs, muscles, bones, heart and esophagus. Sometimes, abdomen can be the cause for chest pain.

Atypical Chest Pain Causes :

  1. Contrary to many people’s belief, heart attack is not the only cause behind chest pain. There are many moderate to serious condition which may cause chest pain.
  2. Heart attack occurs when normal blood flow is disrupted or when the arteries get blocked. It may cause severe chest pain and people who are obese, smoke, drink and having diabetic are more prone to heart attack.
  3. Angina is a condition in which there is there is not sufficient supply of oxygen to the heart through blood-flow. It can be because of any reason like blockage in blood vessels or narrowing of blood vessels.
  4. This may cause atypical chest pain but it is not life threatening. Some people may get angina while doing exercises and during heightened emotions which will fade away when they rest for a while.
  5. Atypical chest pain is also caused by aortic dissection (tear in the lining of aorta), pulmonary embolism, and due to collapsed lung. Rarely when there is a hole in the wall of Gastrointestinal (GI) tract, it may cause chest pain. Pulmonary embolism is caused due to obesity, fracture or even sedentary lifestyle.

Symptoms Of Atypical Chest Pain :

There may be mild to moderate chest pain, followed by profuse sweating and when a person gets heart attack, the pain may spread to back or even left shoulder shortly. Chest pain originating from other causes may have similar symptoms with discomfort feeling in the chest.

Atypical Chest Pain Treatment :

When there is chest pain due to any reason, you should not delay in calling ambulance or rush him to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment. You can give aspirin pills 160 mg to the person before taking him to hospital. Ask him to chew the aspirin instead of swallowing at once. Sometimes, one may get atypical chest pain due to acid reflux. In that case, it is enough if he takes antacids pills or solutions.

Medical treatment varies widely with the exact cause of chest pain. In case of acute heart attack, angioplasty is done for clearing the blocks. Surgery is done if this therapy is not successful. In case of Angina, nitroglycerin is given for dilating the coronary arteries. For aortic dissection, medicines are given immediately to reduce the heart rate to get immediate relief from pain. If necessary, surgery is performed for correcting the aorta. For pulmonary embolism, treatment is given by giving external oxygen supply to the patient.

Pictures of Atypical Chest Pain :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Atypical Chest Pain

Atypical Chest Pain Atypical Chest Pain Atypical Chest Pain Atypical Chest Pain
Prevention :

It is difficult to prevent chest pain totally, but you can follow healthy diet with regular exercises and avoid drinking and smoking. You need to monitor your weight and control blood pressure.

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