Appendix Pain

The appendix is a tiny finger like projection (measuring the size of index finger) that is found attached to large intestine. It is located below the right side of the abdomen. The pain in this area of the stomach is called as appendix pain. Basically there are 2 types of appendix pain namely chronic and acute.

Chronic appendix pain is consistent pain in the lower abdominal area due to inflammation of appendix and acute pain occurs for short duration but it may be intense.

The important symptoms of appendix pain include moderate to severe pain in lower abdomen, tenderness in the affected abdominal area, sudden increase of pain and rarely indigestion. The person suffering from appendix pain may have sudden shifting of pain from one side of the stomach to the other which may intensify as the time passes. When there is acute swelling in the appendix, it is known as appendicitis a severe condition requiring urgent treatment. For some people they may be problem in bowel movement and digestion problem. In rare cases, the patient may suffer from loss of appetite.

Very often appendix pain can be treated using medications. The pain may also get reduced by taking bed rest for some time. However, if the pain is progressively increasing you should not delay in seeking medical care. Your doctor will examine the area and can also recommend for taking CT scan to study the intensity of pain. In case the pain is due to infection, it can be cured by taking antibiotics. Severe case of appendicitis is treated with surgery. Appendectomy is the process of removing the infected appendix from the stomach.

Pictures of Appendix Pain :

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