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Anal warts very often spread through sexual contact, but it can also cause infection when you share a towel. If you are having sex with multiple partners and has frequent sexual activity with males who have genital warts you are likely to pick up anal warts. It starts as tiny spots on the vagina but gradually turns big and grows up to the size of a pea. Normally these warts do not pose any problem or pain to the affected person and hence many people ignore the warts until it gives problem. It can produce itching along with mild bleeding and also give away fluid like discharge. In case you are leaving anal warts untreated, there is chance for it to multiply and spread to adjacent parts. In rare cases, it can become cancerous.

Several methods are used for treating anal wart. Immunotherapy method is used by giving alpha interferon by injection thereby inducing the wart to wither and fall. The only drawback in this method is the cost of alpha interferon since it is quite expensive. Applying cream can also make the wart to disappear after some months. There is chance for the virus to remain subtle on the skin even after the removal of warts. In some cases, warts appear on the skin even after several months of wart-removal.

Liquid nitrogen is used for destroying anal warts, which would burn the warts off from the site. It can also be removed using carbon dioxide vapor in electro cauterization method. Surgery is done for removing warts in some people but the person can get back home shortly after the procedure. There is no need for them to be hospitalized and in rare cases local anesthesia is given for removal of warts.

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