Anal Skin Tag – Removal, Pictures, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Remedies

Anal skin tags are small projections on the skin found in armpit, anus and neck. Usually the tags are harmless and located at the verge of anus. The skin is reddish pink in color and it hangs on the margin of anus opening as a stalk. However anal skin tag formation is indicative of problems with anus and rectum and in some cases they are symptoms of anal fissure. Hence one should not ignore the presence of skin tags on anal area.

There is chance for the fecal particles to get absorbed on the skin tags posing risk of bacterial infection. Again there may be problem with the cleaning of anus if group of skin tags exist in that area. In rare cases, anal skin tag may cause itching and irritation associated with pain. For some persons, they feel the skin tags as unwanted material while having sexual contact with their partners. Treatment of anal skin tags is very simple and easy. It can be removed after numbing the area with local anesthesia. In case of extensive number of tags, surgery may be done for removing them. Cryotherapy is another procedure in which liquid nitrogen is applied over the tags to freeze them to wither and fall off. Laser therapy is also administered on the basis of cosmetic procedure for clearing anal skin tags.


Skin tags are nothing but tiny polyp like structure hanging from the skin. Normally anal skin tags are harmless and do not cause any pain. Acrochordon is the medical term used to describe skin tags. Skin tags can develop anywhere in the body but they are largely found on the eyelids, neck or groin area. It is commonly found in people who are older and overweight. The place at which the skin tags develop can cause irritation. For instance skin tags that occur on your buttocks or anus can undergo friction when you are wearing tight pants.

Skin tags are attached with the skin through a tiny stalk. In parts like anus or under armpits there would be frequent rubbing of clothes against them causing friction. In short, anal skin tags can be described as flesh extension that hangs loosely around the anus. The color of these tags is mostly the same as your skin color but for some people it can be darker. Anal skin tags grow on the spot where the anal cavity and outside skin meet each other. Anal skin tags can develop for people who have constipation or anal fissures. For some people it runs in families.

Anal Skin Tag Causes :

There is no specific cause for developing anal skin tags. It is considered to occur due to skin-to-skin friction on specific parts of the body. People who are overweight are more likely to get anal skin tags than others. As many people belief anal skin tags are not reserved only for sexually active people. It can occur for people who have problems like anal fissures or hemorrhoids or any other problem in and around rectum. Getting recurrent hard stools can cause tear in that area.

When the fissures are in healing phase some part of loose skin can group together to form anal skin tags. Those who have undergone anal surgery recently can develop anal skin tag. They often develop anal tags during the recovery phase after surgery as the healing skin gets swollen. For some people swelling of anus veins (hemorrhoids) become enlarged suddenly leading to the eruption of fresh skin tags. Pregnant women may also develop anal skin tags due to the developing uterus and hormonal changes.

Symptoms Of Anal Skin Tag :

Some of the common signs to identify anal skin tags are:-

  • Pink or flesh colored polyps in and around the anus
  • They are very tiny in size measuring 1mm or even less
  • For some people it occur in the form of raised bumps on the anus
  • Skin tags are firmly attached to the skin of the anus through a thin stalk
  • In rare cases anal skin tags can start bleeding when torn due to friction
  • Anal skin tags do not cause pain but there may be slight irritation

Tests :

By mere examination of the rectal area, your doctor can detect anal skin tags. If he/she suspects anything abnormal in size or color of the tags he/she may order for biopsy. Tiny tissue sample from the anal skin tag is removed from the skin and tested in the lab to rule out cancerous growth.

Anal Skin Tag Treatment :

  • Often no treatment is needed for anal skin tags since they are harmless benign polyps.
  • You need to check with your doctor only if you have discomfort in wearing tight clothing.
  • Removal of anal skin tags are done usually for cosmetic purpose.

Pictures of Anal Skin Tag :

Images, Pictures, Pics and Photos of Anal Skin Tag

Anal Skin Tag Anal Skin Tag Anal Skin Tag Anal Skin Tag Anal Skin Tag Anal Skin Tag

For What Reasons Anal Skin Tags Are To Be Removed?

It can be a nuisance and cause discomfort due to its proximity to the rectum. And it is likely to develop infection if part of fecal particles gets attached to the tags. It can bother you while having sexual contact with your partner since it may cause friction between the genital organs during intercourse.

Ways Of Removing Anal Skin Tags :

  • Your dermatologist can adopt any method for removing anal skin tags. It can be done by simply cutting it with sharp scissors or freezing it with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy).
  • The procedure is very simple and can be performed in the doctor’s office. He may apply mild current on it during electrocautering method for burning the anal tags.
  • For removing tiny anal skin tags your doctor may use cryotherapy technique or current therapy.
  • He may apply topical anesthesia like lidocaine on the rectal area before starting the procedure. But in most of the cases they can be removed easily without numbing the area.

Can They Recur?

Yes. Anal skin tags are likely to recur in the same area for many people. It depends on the individual and many other related factors.

Will You Get Coverage?

No. In most of the cases anal skin tags are removed for cosmetic reasons and not due to medical perspective. So your insurance company may not favor you in this case.

Is There Any Way To Prevent Anal Tags?

No. There are no specific preventive measures to rule out anal skin tags completely. But you can be careful and take steps in not getting constipation. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and take fiber rich diet. Drink more water and always stick on to healthy balanced diet. Doing regular exercise can improve blood flow in the entire body aiding in normal bowel movements. Try to manage stress by yoga and relaxation technique.

Anal Skin Tag Home Remedies :

You can remove anal skin tags at home, but it is strongly not recommended due to two reasons. One is its place of origin and the other is there is chance of getting infected. And moreover you cannot do it on your own to certain delicate areas like anus or buttocks. In spite of the above reasons, some people use “tag bands” to remove anal skin tags at home.

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