Anal Fissure

If there is any split or cutting in the area of anus, it is known as anal fissure. It is the opening or tearing in the mucous lining of the anus causing infection. Very often, infants of less than one year have anal fissure and it would subside as the child grows. Fissures rarely occur on school going children and adults. However in some adults, fissures or opening is caused due to constipation or passing of hard stool.

A small crack or opening in the anus which stretches the anal area is the main symptom of anal fissure. It may cause moderate to intense pain while bowel movements. There may be discharge of blood along with stool.

As such anal fissures do not require any treatment and following hygiene habits will prevent you from fissure and pain. Make sure to cleanse the area gently and do not rub the surface with your hands. Apply muscle relaxants like petroleum jelly on the affected area. Eat more fibrous food and drink plenty of water to avoid constipation. Certain stool softeners are available in the market to ease the passage of bowel movements. Only in severe cases, surgery is done for relaxing the anal muscle. Some people take Botox injection for relaxing the muscles in the anus.

Follow clean habits and change diapers quickly to keep the anus dry and clean on infants.

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Anal Fissure Anal Fissure Anal Fissure Anal Fissure Anal Fissure Anal Fissure Anal Fissure Anal Fissure

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