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Anal cancer originates from the lining cells covering the anus till the GI tract that lies after rectum. Cancers outside anus are called as peri-anal cancer and they belong to the category of skin cancer. Human Papilloma Virus HPV is known to cause anal cancer and cervical cancer. The treatment for anal cancer varies with the size and extent to which it has spread and also on the general health condition of the person. Earlier anal caners were removed surgically in which a hole is drilled into the abdomen which is attached to a bag which collects the feces, thereby removing the ano-rectum area totally.

The causes for getting anal cancer are varied and diverse. When you have sex with several partners or when you have sex through anal area the chance of getting anal cancer is increased. When there is development of fissure in the anus, frequent infection and inflammation on the anus also triggers cancer cells. Age also plays a role in anal cancer and old age people are more prone to get this cancer. The symptoms of anal cancer are bleeding on the anus, severe itching, pain or discomfort in and around anus and lump or lesions around the anus.

Some common methods of treating anal cancer are by chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. In chemotherapy, strong drugs are used to kill the growth of cancer cells. In radiation therapy, high powered x-rays are used for destroying cancerous cells. During surgery, local resection of anus is done by removing the tumor cells from the anus.

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Anal Cancer Anal Cancer Anal Cancer Anal Cancer Anal Cancer Anal Cancer

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