Alcohol Poisoning

The habit of taking alcohol can exceed sometime causing serious consequences of poisoning. Taking large amounts of alcohol in short period can become fatal affecting heart beat and breathing. Some people end up taking alcohol found in household substances with the intention of committing suicide.

Alcohol poisoning is a serious disease and needs emergency medical care and hospitalization.

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning are poor concentration, confusion, vomiting, stupor, seizures, and shortness of breath. For some people it may cause hypothermia (reduced body temperature) change in skin color and irregular breathing. In case of high consumption, the person may fell unconscious.

Alcohol is the fluid that gets absorbed quickly with the blood. Hence emergency medical attention is needed to save the person. The substance which contains methanol and isopropyl alcohol is highly poisonous and can affect kidney. Hence speedy removal of alcohol is absolutely necessary.

Treatment begins at home giving supporting care and monitoring the health condition of the person carefully. Giving oxygen therapy artificial respiration to prevent choking and irregular breathing can be started at home. Take the person to the clinic without delaying. The patient should be started on IV fluids to prevent dehydration.

Basic home remedy for alcohol (high) consumption are drinking black coffee and taking a cold shower.

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