About Us

Diseases Pictures ( Diseasespictures.com ) is a website that has been created with an intention of giving users an online platform to know about their health. Everybody is not comfortable in reaching out to a doctor for every minor health problem; however, the curious human mind cannot rest until it knows why certain changes are occurring in his/her body. This health care portal aims to provide a little relief to those curious souls. Diseases pictures has various articles related to generic medical issues. These articles have been written only by medical professionals, and hence, the users can be ensured of credibility of the content.

If one has certain symptoms and wants to know the reason or probable treatment, they may visit this well-maintained website, enter the keywords, explore the results and then take decision on how to resolve their issues. The expert team of Diseases Pictures understands that medical issues cannot be taken lightly, and therefore, the writers and editors work together to ensure that the quality of the articles is always up to the visitor’s expectations. There is no place for error in Diseases Pictures. Our team reviews the content regularly to ensure that no outdated information is present in the article. Additionally, if there is any doubt on the content then we do not hesitate in taking that particular content off our website as soon as possible. Our editorial policies are very strict and we do not entertain any deviations because of this reason. This helps us in maintaining our integrity and the readers in getting only the relevant and trustworthy medical articles on Diseases Pictures. No article is published without a thorough review by our editorial team.

The inception of Diseases pictures was done with the sole purpose of decreasing the confusion of patients and enabling them with the diagnosis of their diseases; however, this is never an alternative to a doctor’s visit. We do not encourage our readers to rely on only the website’s content for their treatments. This website must be treated as informational website only and nothing else. Nothing can replace the benefits of the supervision of a certified medical professional.

Medical Writer’s Profile :

Hi, I am Leonard. I have been a medical writer of Diseases Pictures since its inception. The content produced for this website takes a lot of research, effort, and time of the medical writer’s team. Other than creating useful medical content for the website, I am also in charge of keeping a close eye on the content being submitted by other writers. Once approved by me, these medical articles go through another round of reviews by the editor’s team. After these many rounds of review, very few articles are finally chosen. Therefore, the readers can be ensured about the quality and significance of the medical articles of Diseases pictures

Chief Editor’s Profile :

Hi, my name is Surekha . I am the chief editor of Diseases pictures. I am blessed to be working with a passionate team of medical writers. They are the best in the industry and their dedication towards helping a wide audience in diagnosing and treating their diseases is commendable. I am looking forward to hearing my readers’ comments and suggestions, so feel free to send out your valuable feedback and queries to help us in improving the website as much as possible.