Geographic Tongue

Normally the tongue has an extra layer of covering with fine hair like structures called papillae. But people with geographic tongue will not have these papillae thus exposing the patches on the tongue. These patches will sometime look like small islands with clear defined border resembling a country’s map. For this reason it is called as geographical tongue. In medical terms it is called as erythema migrans or migratory glossitis.

Bells Palsy

Bell’s palsy is a strange condition that causes weakness in the muscles of the face. Weakening of muscles of the face is sudden reaction that may change the appearance of the face. When the affected person smiles it will not be complete smile. One side of his face begins to droop and his eyes would resist closing as he continues to smile. Since the facial muscles are affected due to this problem Bell’s palsy is also known as facial palsy.

Cold Sores

Cold sores occur commonly in the form of blisters or lesions on the oral cavity. These bumps are red and swollen and are also found on the lips. The blisters contain a clear fluid which may break open after few days. Cold sores do not require any treatment since it would heal on its own within few days. Though body’s immune system will generate antibodies for killing viruses still it is not eliminated in full. For this reason the symptoms may recur after some time. Cold sores are a viral infection caused by HSV herpes simplex virus. The same virus would also cause painful sores on the genitals.

Epigastric Pain

Epigastrium is medically described as central part of the abdomen and is found between the lower portion of the thorax and sub coastal plane. Epigastric pain is felt due to infection or any other diseases on epigastrium. Pain occurs suddenly and sharply in the abdominal region. It might cause continuous pain when this portion becomes defective. This pain can cause compulsive breath exhalation by the affected person. Ulcer or pancreatitis can cause epigastric pain commonly. This pain can be managed by taking proper medication based on the cause of pain. As such epigastric pain is not a disease and is a warning signal of underlying medical condition.


Duodenum is part that lies in the upper portion of small intestine that connects stomach with the intestine. Any inflammation on the duodenum is medically known as duodenitis. It can cause severe abdominal pain and bleeding of intestine. The symptoms of this disease can vary from mild to severe. The major cause of duodenitis is a type of bacteria by name H Pylori. If left untreated bacterial infection can lead to ulcer formation. Some other causes are side effects of certain medications and over consumption of alcohol. Duodenitis can be treated with antibiotics if H pylori bacterium is the cause of infection.