Mycoplasma Hominis Infection

Mycoplasma hominis bacteria cause this infection on the genital tract of men and women. Often sexually active men/women develop this infection and hence considered as type of sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes MH infection can cause complications like pelvic inflammatory disorder and post partum fever. In severe cases this infection may lead to meningitis and pneumonia. M hominis infection is the leading cause of vaginal infection in women. In some cases it can even infect the upper genital tract and endometrium. Mycoplasma hominis infection is closely related to pregnancy problems like post abartum fever and chorioamnionitis. Similarly M hominis can cause complications like septic arthritis, peritonitis, hematoma, septicemia infection and even vascular related problems.

Hypertrichosis – Types, Causes, Symptoms, Pictures, Treatment

Hypertrichosis can be described as too much of hair growth for the age and sex of the person. Excess growth of hair can be seen either in specific part of the body or in overall body. This condition is not the same as hirsutism wherein excess hair growth in women occurs due to increased male hormone in the body. But in hypertrichosis excessive hair growth is common in both genders. This condition is either present from birth or for some people it is acquired later. Hypertrichosis can be caused due to genetic mutation or defective genes which are inherited by birth. For others it can develop due to metabolic disorders or over exposure to certain chemicals. Treatment for hypertrichosis can be done through laser therapy, chemical approach and simply repeated shaving.

Mycoplasma Genitalium Infection

Mycoplasma genitalium infection is a sexually transmitted disease caused by m.g. bacteria. It would affect the genital organs in both sexes particularly the urethra (a small tube that expels urine from the bladder) causing inflammation. It may or may not cause symptoms but for some people it can cause severe symptoms. Diagnosis of m.g infection is done by urine analysis and the infectious disorder can be managed with effective antibiotics.

Swollen Taste Buds – Symptoms, Causes, Pictures, Treatment

Taste buds are small structures found on the tongue. They are called as papillae in medical terms and are responsible in detecting the taste of what you eat and drink. Generally there are 5 major elements in taste including sweet, salt, sour, bitter and umami. But there are many combinations of these major elements that give us variety of taste and flavor in each food. Taste buds are also found in upper esophagus, soft palate and the cheeks. It is said that there are about 2000-8000 buds in the tongue located liberally throughout the tongue.

Maculopapular Rash – Causes, Symptoms, Pictures, Treatment

As the name suggests, maculopapular rash is a kind of skin allergy that causes lesions or papules in the skin. The rash may last for 4 weeks or even more and is caused by virus that causes measles in children. Maculopapular rash largely affects children and sometime adult population. The term “maculopapular” denotes macule (discoloration) and papule (lesions or bumps). This type of rash causes flat blemishes on the skin with reddened lesions or bumps. Rash is limited to certain parts of the body in some people and is distributed liberally in others. It can be acute (short period) and also chronic (long lasting). Treatment for maculopapular rash is purely based on the symptoms. Antiviral medications are prescribed to manage the raised lesions and antihistamines are effective in controlling itching.