Achilles Tendonitis

The term ‘Achilles’ refers to the bone surrounded by group of tissues connecting the muscles of the lower leg to your heel. Any injury to the tendon of Achilles can cause inflammation leading to Achilles tendonitis. It is a common phenomenon that occurs in adults who over use this tendon tissues only for a day or two of the week. There are people who play basketball or any kind of sports only on Sundays or weekends. This can cause swelling of tendon causing intense pain. Often the pain can be managed by self care methods but in severe cases the tendon may get rupture inside requiring surgery.

Bartholin Cyst

A pair of Bartholin glands is found on each side of the vagina which helps in keeping the vagina well lubricated. These glands are very small that you cannot feel or see it. These glands are located on the libia (folds of skin) that envelops vagina on either side. When the openings of these glands are blocked, fluid gets back into the gland accumulating to form a cyst known as Bartolin’s cyst. Often they are tiny swelling abscess around the vagina and are painless. It is quite common to develop a Bartholin cyst and it gets resolved within few days. In rare cases, surgical drainage becomes necessary.


Gynaecomastia is the medical term given for swelling of breast tissue in men. The word “Gynae” denotes woman and “mastos” indicates breast in Greek. Some men may form firm glands and breast tissue during adolescence. The development of breast tissue in men can be due to many factors like intake of certain medications, hormonal imbalance and many other factors. Gynaecomastia can be treated only after finding the underlying cause and several options of treatments are available.

Brown Vaginal Discharge

It is quite normal for every woman to have vaginal discharge in between the menstrual cycle. Vaginal discharge is the mucus like fluid that comes out of your vagina. The color of the fluid can be white or light brown. This fluid is nothing but collection of mucus produced by the cervix and vaginal walls. It gets released through vagina whenever there is excess of fluid collection.

Rectal Pain

Anus or rectum is the area through which feces are expelled from your body. Having rectal pain occasionally is not a matter of concern since it would resolve within few minutes. Many factors like anal fissure, fistulas and chronic constipation can cause rectal pain. If there is rectal bleeding accompanied with severe pain you need to get medical advice. Rectal pain can be managed by effective therapy or medical treatment depending on the cause.