Sputum (Phlegm) Color Causes and Its Significance


Sputum or phlegm is pus like substance that is expelled from your throat. Sputum comes out when you have cough or allergic cold or respiratory tract infection. The color of the sputum is indicative of the disease and your doctor would often ask for it during diagnosis. The color … [Read more...]

Collarbone Pain – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Collarbone Pain

Collarbone is the point at which the chest and the upper limb join together. Anything carried by the hands shifts the weight to the collarbone and central part of the body. Collarbone pain indicates ligament injury or tissue damage in the place. Any kind of trauma to the … [Read more...]

Pain Above Right Hip – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Pain Above Right Hip

Pain in any part of the body is distressing and it is true with the abdomen. Abdomen is a vital organ consisting of stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, intestine (small and large), kidneys and bladder. Any disturbance or disruption of normal functions in these organs can cause … [Read more...]