Learn How Heartburn Can Be Managed With Simple Remedies


The opening of stomach has a sphincter valve which opens to allow food particles and liquid and closes immediately. But in some people, the sphincter valve becomes loose and opens allowing back-flow of the stomach acid and juices to the esophagus and oral cavity. This in turn … [Read more...]

Heart Attack and Stroke : First Aid Treatment

heart attack

Heart attack has become a common term nowadays. Heart attack is one of the major causes of death worldwide. It is true that thousands of people die due to heart attack each year. Unlike popularly believe, heart attack will not stop the functioning of heart but it only damages and … [Read more...]

Hot Yoga Good or Bad For You? – The Benefits of Hot Yoga

hot yoga

Hot yoga also known as Bikram yoga is highly popular in North America. Bikram Chowdhry, of Indian origin has introduced hot yoga concept by modifying the original yoga with unique postures that are performed in a hot room of 37 degree Celsius. According to this 66 year old man, a … [Read more...]

Health Benefits Of Strawberries


Strawberry is preferred by almost all people around the world owing to its looks and taste. It is included in every household regularly. They grow in bushes and are loaded with nutrients even in its small size. It was considered to be European origin and is believed to be first … [Read more...]

10 Simple Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness

morning sickness

Morning sickness is quite common during the first trimester of pregnancy. As you get pregnant, plenty of physiological and psychological changes take place in your system. Hormones begin to flow in large quantities which aids in the development of the fetus inside your womb. … [Read more...]