Itchy Rectum

Most of the people would have faced this problem of itchy rectum. Anal itching is one of the common occurrences in many men and women and is more frequently observed in men. Irritation occurs in and around the area of small opening of the rectum through which bowel gets expelled. People have that uncontrollable desire to scratch the area of anus due to intense irritation.

Sore Throat

Sore throat can be defined as irritation or scratch feeling in the throat causing difficulty while swallowing. Sore throat is also known as pharyngitis meaning inflammation of pharynx or throat cavity. Even though there are several reasons for sore throat, it is often caused by virus. Common types of sore throat needs no treatment since it gets resolved within a week. In some cases, sore throat can be due to bacterial infection like strep infection.


A drooping eyelid is known as ptosis or blepharoptosis in medical terms. Sagging of upper eyelid is described as ptosis. If the drooping of eyelid is severe it can affect your vision. The upper eyelid slowly falls down to lower position thereby interfering with vision. This situation can happen in one eye or both the eyes. For some people ptosis is inherited by birth. Ptosis or drooping of eyelid is a gradual process. It can be the symptom of underlying medical problems in the nerves or brain also. In rare cases ptosis can develop within few days which can be warning signal of serious problem.


Some women would have lumpy flesh on their hips and buttocks and even on their thighs. This condition is described as cellulite in medical terms. It is not problematic and does not represent any serious disease or medical condition, but this can cause cosmetic problem. This type of lumpy flesh is quite common for adult women and adolescent girls. They might have problems in wearing swim suit and shorts like others owing to their bulgy thighs and stomach. Treatments for cellulite are available in many forms like cellulite creams and massage therapy but nothing is absolutely reliable in giving the results.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is name of male sex hormone secreted by testes. It is responsible for male sexual characteristics and stimulates secondary sexual characteristics. Testosterone is produced by ovaries (in females) to some extent. Among all other androgen groups available, testosterone is the most powerful one. Androgens are responsible for producing beard and male voice apart from building muscle tone. If the testosterone levels are normal/high the person is said to have good health.