Aortic Aneurysm

Though aneurysm can occur in any blood vessel of the body, it often develops in aorta. Aorta is the largest blood vessel artery in the body that transports oxygenated blood from the heart to all parts of the body. Obviously since it carries volumes of blood each minute, weak spots can develop in the artery. Aortic aneurysm can develop either in thoracic cavity or abdominal cavity. The weakened area of the artery forms a bulge resembling a bag like structure which is filled with blood. In rare cases, this bag ruptures tearing away the arterial wall to empty the blood into the tissue.

Asteatotic Eczema

Asteatotic eczema is a common skin condition seen on the elderly people. It is described as cracks on the skin surface and it was first identified by Dr. Brocq, French dermatologist. Extreme dryness is believed to cause this eczema and the rate of asteatotic eczema is high during winter season.


Smallpox is a viral infection and was considered to be the most infectious diseases killing hundreds of people around the world. Spread of smallpox has been drastically reduced after global immunization champagne in 1980. It is highly contagious disease and remained a threat for humans for thousands of years. Smallpox produces symptoms of red spots on your face and other body parts, with fever and headache. There is no cure for smallpox. And people who get infected with smallpox mostly recover except few who may die. Vaccine is available for smallpox but owing to its side effects it cannot be given to all.

Proteus Syndrome

Proteus syndrome is a rare disorder that affects the normal growth of the bones progressively. It causes abnormal growth of the skin adipose and central nervous system. The baby with Proteus syndrome would have normal bone growth during birth but when it reaches 1 year or 2 the bones of hands and feet would grow abnormal in size. It would have unequal growth of bones in his hands or feet. The growth of skeleton can be mild or very severe progressing as the child grows.

Anal Fistulas

Anal fistulas are small abscess or infected cavity is formed due to blockage of certain glands of the anus. Anus is the end portion of the digestive tract through which feces are expelled. The passage between the muscular opening of the anus and the skin gets infected to form an abscess. Anal fistulas are caused by abscess and it can cause pain during bowel movements with bleeding. It can be treated by surgery.