White Bump on Tongue

For some people you can see small white spots here and there on the tongue. It can develop and cover the entire space of the tongue forming thick white coating on its surface. White spots or bumps on the tongue can either be small or big and it can be even in size or irregular. Often white spots begin to occur on the sides of the tongue which would then spread to the center. If left untreated these spots would grow rapidly to cover the surface of the tongue entirely. In some people the white bumps would change its color due to bacterial infection.

Peroxide in Ear

Hydrogen peroxide shortly called as “peroxide” is a bluish liquid available commonly in medical stores. It is a strong oxidizing agent and well known for its bleaching property. Peroxide is naturally produced from our body cells as a byproduct. However due to the presence of several body enzymes and catalyzing agents hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen molecules thus preventing the free radicals that are harmful to our body.

Bump on Head

Bump on head is the small swelling on any part of the head. At some point of time, kids would knock themselves and get hurt on their head causing head injury. It would eventually cause bumps or lesions on the head at the point of injury. Head injury can occur to any person, irrespective of age and at any time. But not all the injuries are serious and the pain would disappear after few minutes if it is a minor injury. Eventually head injury can cause bump on head with or without pain.

Infected Ingrown Hair

Hairs normally grow up from the skin surface having its root beneath it. But certain types of hair would curl around to grow back into the skin which is called ingrown hair. Dead cells of the skin can accumulate on the follicles of the hair which would force the hair to grow inwards instead of upward. Ingrown hair is harmless but in rare cases infection can develop on it.

Hernia Repair

A hernia is a condition in which part of tissue of an organ gets displaced and extends beyond the wall of the cavity that contains it. Hernia can develop at any point of the abdomen but if often occurs at a weak point of the intestine or the abdominal wall called as inguinal hernia. It appears as small swelling or bumps on the groin or sometimes as swelling of scrotum bag (that contains the testicles). The lump can be seen when the person tries to lift something from the ground surface. The bump will disappear once he lies down. It is the responsibility of the muscles to bind the tissues and organs of intestine in its place. But hernia can develop at some weak point of the muscle in the abdomen.