Narcolepsy is a long-term neurological disorder that affects your quality of sleep. It can interrupt with wakefulness and control of sleep causing daytime drowsiness. People with narcolepsy disorder may find it difficult to stay awake for long periods during day time. Severe cases of narcolepsy can interfere with your normal routine. Narcolepsy is not related to depression, fainting or lack of sleep but it is a sleep disorder that causes sudden spells of sleep, irrespective of circumstances.


Infection on the prostate glands is described as prostatitis. It can be bacterial infection or just inflammation. It is one of the common problems in men below 50 years. Prostatitis can occur at any age but it is frequently found in young aged and middle aged men. This infection on the prostate gland can be either acute or chronic. At some point of their life, about 10-15% of all men experience prostatitis. Chronic (long lasting) prostatitis can cause repeated bladder infection.


Preeclampsia is a condition that occurs to some pregnant women, during which there would be high blood pressure and high protein level in the urine. Often it occurs during the third trimester of pregnancy (30-35th week) and in rare cases it can occur after delivery. Preeclampsia can cause sudden seizures during pregnancy which can affect the normal growth of fetus. Not all the pregnant women would develop preeclampsia. And in case any pregnant woman has this condition, the doctor would closely monitor her health and fetus health.


Not all the people affected with depression would be sad and low with energy. Depression is a disorder that may affect your way of thinking and modify your mood. Depression is of many types and every person would not react in the same manner while affected with depression. For some it may affect routine activities and give a sense of hopelessness and loss of interest. They may feel that there is nothing worth to live anymore. It can also create various ranges of physical and emotional problems. It may affect healthy relationships and reputation at workplace.

Postpartum Depression

Lot of changes happens to a woman when she becomes pregnant and subsequently gives birth to a child. In addition to physical changes, she also undergoes emotional and mental changes. Ranging from excitement to anxiety she experiences fear also. This might land up in postpartum depression. Depression arising from childbirth is known as postpartum depression. It is quite common for most of the new moms to experience mood swings for some time. But this would not continue for long.