Itching All Over (Throughout) Body – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Home Remedies

Itching is a common occurrence for all of us and at some point of life we have experienced. But severe itching can be embarrassing causing discomfort to the person. The symptoms of itching may vary from mild to severe depending on the cause and itching can be described as uncontrollable urge to scratch the body. Itching can be limited to specific areas (hair, buttocks or anus) or it can be throughout the body. Itching may or may not be accompanied with other symptoms. Causes of itching are many ranging from allergic reaction to dry skin. Treatment for itching are available in the form of home remedies, medications and therapy.

Stomach Parasites – Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment, Home Remedies

Stomach parasites also known as intestinal parasites are organisms that cause infection of the digestive system. They are capable of living anywhere in the body but love to reside on the walls of intestine. Any person can get infected with parasites by eating uncooked meat or by drinking infected water. Sometimes they can enter the body through cuts/wounds on the skin. There are many types of stomach parasites but two of them are significant.

Anal leakage – Causes, Symptoms, Tests, Treatment

Anus or rectum is that part of the body involved in expelling waste particles in the form of feces. Foods that we eat are absorbed in the intestine and further sent down to large intestine for separating nutrients and salts. Then kidney swings into action in the process of separating waste particles from the food and pushing the waste materials into the anus region and bladder to be expelled in the form of stool and urine respectively.

Sulfur Burps (Egg Burps) – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Home Remedies

Burping is the process of expelling gases via mouth and it is quite common for many people to burp or belch after eating. Nothing is wrong as long as you are releasing non-smelling air through your mouth. However sometimes you (or your partner) may notice rotten egg smelling gas from the mouth which is called sulfur burps. Expulsion of hydrogen sulfide gas from the stomach is sulfur burps.

Projectile Vomiting – Causes, Symptoms, Adults, Children, Treatment

Vomiting is the process of expelling undigested food particles through the mouth or oral cavity. Most of the time nausea precedes vomiting. When vomiting occurs suddenly throwing out particles with force it is known as projectile vomiting. In this case there would not be any nausea feeling and excess of particles are propelled out from the mouth which spreads over short distance.